What Exactly is Petite?

Although defined as up to 5'4" tall, Petite is not just about height. It's about proportion.
You may be taller than 5'4" with a shorter arm, torso, or leg length. Your tops may be Petite,
but your pants may be Regular (or vice versa). Either way, wearing a Petite top or bottom
or both, depending on your unique proportions, will ensure the perfect fit.

Are you Petite? You may be if... Say hello to your new tailor. We've trimmed our styles with slimmer cuts and shorter lengths
to suit — and celebrate — your petite proportions.

Tops, Tees & Dresses

Tops and dresses are proportionally slimmer, low necklines are raised, wide necklines are
narrowed slightly, and shoulder seams, waistlines and pockets are placed a little higher.


Pants are designed with a slightly lower rise, a higher knee and a shorter inseam.

For branded products, look closely at the numeric size equivalents listed in parentheses,
since they correspond to the measurements on our size charts.