VIDEO: Four Yoga Poses to Energize your Morning

In honor of National Yoga Month and our recent visit to New York City with the Garnet Hill Mobile Boutique, we partnered with Deborah Langley, Creative Director of New York City’s Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio, to bring you four energizing yoga poses you can practice every morning in the comfort of your own home. No props needed – just you and maybe some of our activewear favorites.

Try these simple movements to declutter the mind and introduce a peaceful energy to your day.

1. Salute to the Sun:

Deborah’s Tip: Embrace the sweetness of the morning. Bring a swing into the pose by alternating stepping one foot back into a curtsy on the exhale.

2. Embrace the classic Downward Dog:

Deborah’s Tip: Add some strength postures to your morning flow. Knees can stay bent to discourage arching of the upper back. Straighten your legs, while still tucking your tailbone.

3. Seal the practice with a Seated Twist:

Deborah’s Tip: There is no yoga pose worth continuing if you can’t breathe easily. This repetition of movement is excellent for encouraging proper digestion and breath.

4. Wake up your hamstrings with a Low Lunge:

Deborah’s Tip: Be kind to your body from one shape to the next. Extend your arms overhead to encourage an even sweeter flow of breath.

And because it’s National Yoga Month, Laughing Lotus is giving Garnet Hill customers an exclusive gift: CLICK HERE and use the code GARNETHILL to redeem 30 days FREE access to Laughing Lotus online classes!

As Deborah always says,

“Any yoga is better than no yoga!”