Bernice and Her Fleece

Here’s something fun for the kids — meet Bernice!

Bernice the Mongolian Goat
I am a goat.
I live in Mongolia.

I live far away – how far?
Holy Molya!

My name is Bernice.
I’m the one with the bangs.
The goats you see here,
are the rest of my gang.
Mongolian Goats
Danny the Mongolian Goat
The one with his eyes closed?
That’s my pal Danny.
We play hide and goat seek
‘til called by our nanny.

We’re not just mere goats,
you see, we’re cashmere.
The sweater you love,
it may come from here.

Is it softer than soft?
Is it warmer than warm?
You’re wearing the same
cashmere fleece that I’ve worn.

Each year in the spring,
the herdsmen will trim.
They’ll give me a haircut.
It tickles, by Jim!

My fleece does grow back
before winter, don’t worry.
I’m programmed for warmth –
I’m head-to-toe furry.

They comb out my fleece,
the fleece of Bernice,
and soon they spin yarns
as soft as you please.

Then they knit you a sweater –
you’ve never looked better!

When asked by your friends,
or your cousins, or niece,
“Where did you get it?
That oh-so-soft fleece?”

Just tell them this tale
of your new friend, Bernice.

Jane Diaz

Jane Diaz Jewelry at Garnet HillJane Diaz has been collaborating with Nepalese metalsmiths since 1989 to create jewelry with worldly, earthy beauty. Though the industrial world has rendered most ancient crafts and techniques obsolete, Jane values the distinction of a personal touch in every piece. She sees jewelry as adornments that accompany you through life, special pieces that you show to sisters and friends, telling them the life stories that are connected to each piece.

Our latest collection from Jane Diaz fully embodies her vision. It effortlessly merges her traditional artisan flair with classic silver and gold coloring, and features four contemporary trends.

Jane Diaz Hoop EarringsTREND #1: THE HOOP EARRING
Seasonless and stunning, these hand-forged hoops by Jane Diaz are go-to pieces that take you from white sands and pool parties to evenings out.

Jane Diaz Stacking RingsTREND #2: THE STACKING RING
These rings are a timeless classic with a beautiful artisan touch to mix, match, and wear every day.

Jane Diaz Modern Circle EarringsTREND #3: THE MODERN CIRCLE EARRING
A modern twist on a traditional design, these hooped earrings feature a slight drop in the form of small gold or silver circles. An elegant and chic finishing touch for any occasion.

Rounding out our list of the latest jewelry trends is this set of five bangles. Layering multiple bangles creates a stylish look, and the metallic colors easily coordinate with every outfit.

How to Tie a Scarf: The Rosette

Rosette Scarf Tie

The Rosette Tie


Fold one end of a long scarf back about 3” lengthwise, then roll the folded portions horizontally to create a rosette. Crimp the rosette so it doesn’t unravel. Place the middle of the scarf at the back of the neck with the rosette on the side of your head. Drape the long ends in front, pull up to the rosette and knot so the rosette is the focus. Mix it up and wear the rosette on your neck!

Find a new favorite scarf and give it a try.