Dressing for Special Occasions

Adri, blogger of Adri Lately, shares her tips on how to effortlessly dress for every special spring occasion.

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, this season often becomes packed-full of special events. It almost seems that all at once, the invitations for weddings, graduations and birthdays clutter our mailboxes. Though there is nothing better than celebrating with those you love most, now is the time to make sure you have the right outfit in your closet so that, when the time comes, picking it is just as effortless. Because, really, the focus should be on making memories – not stressing about your clothes.

Even though you might have several events on your calendar, simplicity is always key. In my book, you can never go wrong with a good dress. They’re a one-and-done, and are wearable for years to come.

Keep It Basic: Pick a classic dress and it’ll never let you down. Not only will you be able to wear it more than once, you won’t regret looking back at pictures in the next 10 or 20 years later. Neutrals, even with prints, are my go-to, like this Twist Detail Knit Dress! The print is neutral, but unique.

Adri of Adri Lately in the Garnet Hill Twist-Detail Knit Dress

Comfort Level: Choose the length and cuts that feel best. There’s nothing worse than having to sit through a wedding in a dress that you have to tug down the whole time. If this is happening, chances are you will never wear it again and all your attention will be on the dress rather than the celebration.

Adri of Adri Lately in the Garnet Hill Twist-Detail Knit Dress

Dress Up or Down: A dress that can be styled up or down opens up so many more options on where you can wear it. It’s also a good indicator that you can wear it to more than one of your events this year.

Adri of Adri Lately in the Garnet Hill Twist-Detail Knit Dress

Whatever special events you have coming up, I hope these tips help you find the perfect dress!

An Eco-Friendly Approach to Spring Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time for organizing and cleaning. When the first warm rays of sun hit our faces, our first instinct is to pack up our winter coats and pull out the spring cleaning essentials.

When cleaning for spring, it’s easy to forget about being eco-minded. So we decided to call in an expert for this one. Hildy Neumann of Organizing Strategies dishes all of her secret tips and tricks for Green Organization.
Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

How can we incorporate Green Organizing into our spring cleaning this season?

Limit new things. If your goal is to slim down your belongings, ask yourself if you really need to buy replacements. If you must purchase, invest in fewer items of better quality.

Everything and anything! Storage containers are especially great to use in a different space. Or you can always give unwanted items new life by donating them.

Challenge yourself to recycle more. Return wire hangers to the dry cleaner, rubber bands to the post office, eyeglasses to your optometrist, and wine corks to your local Whole Foods.

What are some of the lesser-known benefits of Green Organization?

There’s a psychological lift and a sense of satisfaction that comes with living in a less toxic space. The fewer things you own, the less time and energy you need to spend caring for them.

What helpful tips would you give to someone who is new to Green Organizing?

People often start an organizing project by rushing out and buying new containers. This can result in more unnecessary stuff! A better way is to weed out items you don’t need to keep and then find containers to store those you really want – possibly by reusing or repurposing something you already own.

Another tip: set up permanent places in your home to collect items for donation or recycling. I have a bin in my closet for clothing and shoes, and another in my garage for things to go to the recycling depot.

What sparked your interest in Green Organizing?

My mom was a child during the Depression and my dad was an immigrant from wartime Europe. Avoiding waste in my childhood home was a practical necessity. As an adult, I was surprised to discover that not everyone thinks environmentally. It’s now part of my organizing approach to gently educate my clients on ways to be eco-friendly.

Do you have an eco-friendly fragrance that you recommend to clients?

The eco-friendliest fragrance is no added fragrance! Nothing smells as good to me as sheets that have been dried outside in the sun.

What are some quick and dirty tips that we can incorporate now to lessen next year’s organizing?

Organizing is easiest if you do it regularly rather than save it up for an all-out attack.
One trick: when you switch your closet for the season, hang items with the hangers facing backward. As you use them, rehang with the hangers facing forward. At the end of the season, you will immediately identify which ones haven’t been worn.

When organizing, what are the first things to tackle in order to prevent getting overwhelmed?

Start small. Something as small as getting one drawer under control provides immediate satisfaction and will motivate you to tackle something else. Another tip is to set a timer for 20 minutes. You’ll be amazed at what you can get organized in just a short burst of focused time.

For more information, reach out to Hildy on LinkedIn.

Spruce up your space for spring

Spring is the season to refresh, reboot, and reenergize. While it’s easy to feel inspired to take on big projects at the sight of melting snow and blossoming flowerbeds, we always prefer to start small and update our home décor as a way of kicking off the new season.

1. Swap out wintery sheets and linens.

Who says the beginning of spring means the end of crawling into a cozy bed with a good book? Lauren from House of Hire showed us a beautiful way to give the bedroom a clean look using this Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Bedding. She recommends these texturized and neutral sheets for both their comfort and aesthetic appeal.
Judy Ross Textiles Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Percale Bedding
Judy Ross Textiles Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Percale Bedding
Michele from Hello Lovely revealed that she is also a fan of the Supima Cotton Bedding look, dubbing the design “hip and young”. To complement the crisp pattern of the sheets, she chose a neutral throw pillow and added some fresh flowers to her nightstand.
Judy Ross Textiles Brushstrokes Supima Cotton Percale Bedding

2. Redefine spring cleaning on your terms.

If you are overwhelmed by the thought of spring cleaning, try out spring storage instead. Bring in a couple of lively pieces to brighten and declutter your household. Sarah Tucker turned the Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bin into the perfect accent piece for her bedroom.

3. Brighten up your bins.

Many of us associate the first breath of spring air with finally being able to spend some time outdoors. If you have kids, chances are your little ones will be playing outside and returning with plenty of that spring mud on their clothes. So since you’ll spend a little more time here, brighten up your laundry room like Monica of Lavin Label. We love how she added a vibrant pattern to her white laundry room with this canvas storage bin.
Judy Ross Textiles Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bins
Judy Ross Textiles Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bins
Judy Ross Textiles Elements Printed Canvas Storage Bins
How are you sprucing up your space for spring? We want to hear your tips!

Kids’ spring parties: 5 tips for versatile outfits

Spring holidays, parties, and concerts are just around the corner. And with them, a question looms:

What will she wear?

For many parents, that question is quickly followed by yet another question:
What will she wear – that she can actually wear again?”
Girls' Cotton Waterfall Dress
Whether it has to do with budget, their child’s preference for more casual clothing, or simply a desire to avoid the wastefulness of wear-it-once fashions, dressing kids for special occasions can be a challenge.

Our tip? Take a slightly more relaxed approach. It’s possible to do this without sacrificing any of the panache that makes them look and feel extra-special on the big day.

Less formal, more comfortable clothing lets kids play, run, jump, and generally have fun — and when the festivities are said and done it becomes another outfit in their weekly wardrobe rotation.

Here are a few things to look for:

1. Simple silhouettes in standout colors

Girls' Linen and Cotton Tulip-Hem Dress

2. Delightful details like intricate embroidery or metallic trim

Girls' Jolie Embroidered Cotton Dress

3. Vintage-inspired designs that give a nod to tradition

Boys' Woven Shirt by Tailor Vintage

4. Dance-ready pieces like a voluminous, layered-tulle skirt

Girls' Everyday Tulle Skirt

5. Leather-trimmed sneakers, metallic slip-ons, and sandals with unexpected embellishments

Girls' Embellished Leather Thong Sandals

Once you’ve created the foundation for your child’s outfit, accessorize away with fun details like jewelry, a headband, or a hat to give the look a little extra festive flair.

To see more versatile styles like these, check out the Dressing Up collection.