The legacy of our Signature Flannel

For us, flannel is where it all began.

In December of 1976, on a quest to share the bliss that is a European flannel sheet, we launched a business. At the time, we had only a couple of tiny magazine ads and brochures with flannel swatches to drop in the mail.

Times have changed, but our customers’ love of flannel has only flourished. Today our Signature Flannel Bedding is still made in Europe, using the same traditional methods we used so many years ago — it’s flannel made the way we think flannel should be made.

And it’s still pure cotton. Signature Flannel has a denser weave than most, creating a weightier, more durable sheet. Brushed multiple times on both sides (a rare thing), it has a plush, thick finish that is supremely cozy and resistant to pilling.

A warm layer in winter and cooler than a blanket in summer, Garnet Hill Signature Flannel is simply heavenly. But don’t take our word for it; check out the reviews written by customers who’ve already fallen for it.

Signature Flannel launched our business. We hope the next great customer review it receives will be yours.

5 instant updates for a summer home

Garnet Hill Cape House Quilt
The onset of warmer weather compels us to throw open the windows, shed some layers, and find quick, easy updates to bring the sunshine into our homes and lives. We seek to catch that casual, carefree vibe of beach vacations and weekend getaways with our everyday surroundings. To achieve this, here are some trends, treasured finds, and design ideas to help you embrace summer in your decor.


Garnet Hill Seersucker Duvet Cover
There’s nothing like a fresh coat of white paint. It’s like visual sorbet, a palette cleanser for the eye. White can be brilliant and stark or warm and cozy based on the shade. It draws and reflects light, and is an ideal backdrop for bright colors to pop.


In an all-white room, a vibrant quilt is elevated to artwork. Holding its own as a focus point in the room, its intricate patterns and stitching make bold statements. A vivid rug or large-scale painting can have a similar effect in the space.
Garnet Hill French Market Quilt


Variegated stripes on a rug, bars of color on storage bins… Classic yet casual, jaunty woven stripes add pops of color and pattern to the decor, and they add the carefree look of a beachside cabana to the room.
Cottage Stripe Cotton Rug Collection by Dash and Albert


It is easy to go nautical this time of year, but it’s difficult to do it well. Mini prints and hooked wool pillow covers lend icon motifs to the room design, but think of adding more subtle notes to finish the look. Rustic textured glass, weathered wood, sea-grass baskets all balance out a seafaring scene with a touch of sophistication.
Garnet Hill Geo Blossom Comforter


Curvaceously shaped and brightly glazed, this versatile table-stool mimics the look of an oversized planter that one on might find on the veranda of a luxurious beachside resort. It makes a lively, sculptural statement positioned by the bed as a nightstand or next to an easy chair as a side table on the porch.


Judy Ross Textiles Fauna Linen and Cotton Duvet Cover
Our exclusive Fauna Floral by NY-based designer Judy Ross is an oversized print that plays with tone and scale. It mixes warm neutrals with pops of color, conjuring the look of playful palm-like botanicals in the sunlight, casting shadows on the sand.
Garnet Hill Dahlia Cotton Coverlet
What are your tips for bringing summer into your home? Do you gravitate towards certain colors, textures, and accents?

Sharing Covers: How to Pair your Book with your Bedding

Sofia Wrinkle-Resistant Sateen Bedding

We know what you’re thinking: “People actually remake the bed when they begin reading a new book, so the two share a theme? Really?”

Well, no. At least not anyone we’ve encountered.
The idea seems very Old Hollywood, like a challenge actors Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Mary Pickford might have given the housekeeper up at the PickFair Estate in the 1920s.

Still, people do pair wines with food, and wardrobes with home décor, so…
what if?

A novel idea. And with that, ideas for novels …

The Book

Moonglow by Michael Chabon. The memoir of an elderly veteran.

The Look

Garnet Hill Blue Moon Quilt and Sham
Lunar blue sheets would seem to be in order here: indigos, midnight blue, robin’s egg, ultramarine.

The Book

The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews. Riley Griggs waits for her husband to arrive on the island ferry for a summer break. He doesn’t, but a process server does, and off we go.

The Look

Eileen Fisher Washed Linen Sheets
Washed Linen sheets are the answer here, with their casual, colorful, I’m-not-making-the-bed-on-vacation cottage aesthetic.

The Book

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Kelli Estes. Inara Erickson finds a beautifully stitched piece of fabric in her aunt’s estate. It holds secrets that will change her family forever.

The Look

Eileen Fisher Seasonless Silk Comforter
Easy: a silk comforter, all night long.

The Book

Wake in Winter by Nadezhda Belenkaya, Andrea Gregovich. Nina’s graduate studies at Moscow University lead to a path of benevolence.

The Look

Garnet Hill Signature Flannel Bedding
If you’re in bed on a frosty winter night in Russia, the layer closest to your skin should be soft, warm, cotton flannel.

The Book

In the Light of the Garden by Heather Burch. Charity Baxter inherits her grandparents’ island estate on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A nostalgic homecoming soon brings the return of other exiles, each with a fresh secret.

The Look

The Botanical Bedroom - Botanical-Border Quilt and Sham
Turn your bedroom into a greenhouse-full of floral patterns: sheets, pillowcases, comforters, shams.

What about you? Read any good books in bed lately?

Sheets 101: Bedding Fabrics Explained

Garnet Hill Mums Hemstitched Supima Percale Bedding

There’s no question about it: better fibers and fabrics make a more beautiful bed.
Below is a guide to help you select the bed linens that are right for you.

The Fabrication 4-1-1


Bed Sheet Types: Flannel. Garnet Hill Signature Flannel Bedding.
Warm, soft, exquisitely cozy — flannel bedding is a signature at Garnet Hill. Our flannel sheets offer comfort in soothing colors and distinctive patterns and prints. Woven from top-quality 100% cotton with a loose texture and a napped surface, our flannel is brushed for enhanced softness. This bedding is not only a great way to ward off winter’s chill; it provides warmth and a velvety touch all year long.


Bed Sheet Types: Percale. Garnet Hill Solid Hemstitched Supima Percale Bedding.
Our 100% cotton percale is a smooth plain weave, offering a cool, crisp finish that’s ideal for people who tend to get too warm when they sleep. This bedding is comfy any time of year, but especially in warmer weather. Quality percale sheets have 200-400 threads per square inch. They take color beautifully, making them the ideal background for our most original prints.


Bed Sheet Types: Jersey-Knit. Garnet Hill Solid Jersey-Knit Bedding.
Jersey sheets are knit, not woven from 100% cotton, making them highly breathable; they are more substantial than percale yet cooler than flannel. Their comfy T-shirt-like feel makes them a great choice for all seasons. Our jersey-knit bedding is designed not to torque or twist on the bed, it drapes beautifully wash after wash. Jersey is an ideal pick for every bedroom from kids’ beds and dorm rooms to inviting guest accommodations.


Bed Sheet Types: Sateen. Garnet Hill Sateen Sheets.
Luxurious and elegant down to the last detail, our 100% cotton sateen sheets are specially woven to create a silky, subtly lustrous finish. Whether it’s washed for softness, wrinkle resistant, or adorned with an intricate original print, this bedding tends to have a higher thread count than percale. It’s a sophisticated choice for a master suite or guest bedroom.

Cotton 101: Back to the Luxurious Basics


Bed Sheet Types: Organic Cotton. Eileen Fisher Rippled Organic Cotton Coverlet and Shams.
This cotton is grown with fewer synthetic fertilizers and pesticides than conventional crops, making it a welcomed choice for clothing, home textiles, and bedding. Certified-organic cotton’s quality either matches or exceeds that of non-organic cottons, yet it supports biodiversity, and healthier ecosystems.


Bed Sheet Types: Egyptian Cotton. Garnet Hill Washed Sateen Bedding.
Strong, lustrous, longer staple — Egyptian cotton is largely produced in the Nile Valley, although it is grown elsewhere in the world as well. Egyptian cotton staples tend to range from 1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ long, making them a preferred fiber for quality bedding.


Bed Sheet Types: Pima Cotton. Garnet Hill Hemstitched Supima Flannel Bedding
A superior variety of cotton named after the Pima tribe of Native Americans, Pima is grown primarily in Peru and the southwestern United States. Pima cotton has a smooth, extra-long staple that has a sophisticated silky quality to its hand.


Bed Sheet Types: Supima Cotton. Garnet Hill Bittersweet Supima Flannel Bedding.
A trademark name used for American-grown pima cotton, Supima® is an acronym for “superior pima.”

The Rustic Elegance of Linen

Bed Sheet Types: Linen. Eileen Fisher Washed Linen Bedding.
Pure linen or blended with cotton, linen bedding is synonymous with all-season comfort. This soft, textural fabric is made from flax, a fiber of the Linum plant, and is treasured for its strength and breathability.

Garnet Hill Heads to the Hamptons

Garnet Hill Store in Bridgehampton, NYThis year, we’re summering in the Hamptons! We’re opening our retail doors for the season in Long Island’s enchanting east-end enclave of Bridgehampton. The store will give Garnet Hill fans a touch-and-feel experience with our best products: rich bedding in soft linen, crisp cotton, and woven silks, plus cashmere robes, airy cotton fashions, distinctive accessories, and more.

Customers will be able to peruse Garnet Hill’s bedding and home decor, as well as favorites in sleepwear and apparel. The store will offer everything from the authentic European cotton flannel sheets that launched our company, to the full array of beautifully designed products that we’re known for today!

“We’ve put a lot of thought and care into our premiere store’s design and location. And Bridgehampton — with a charming downtown that is both low-key and a destination for home design resources — felt like a perfect fit for us,” says Claire Spofford, Garnet Hill president. “We think customers who know and love us will be excited to ‘meet’ us for the first time and we’ll be a pleasant surprise to new customers as well.”

Located at 2424 Main Street (also known as Montauk Highway) in the center of Bridgehampton’s downtown district, the interior of the 1,700 square foot store juxtaposes the honest simplicity of our New England roots with the comforts and casual glamour of the modern coastal lifestyle.

The official grand opening of the store will happen Saturday, June 27. We’d love to see you there!

Essential Elements for a Beautiful Bedding Ensemble, Declassified

Garnet Hill Bedding Guide - Signature Flannel Bedding

Bedding 101: as purveyors of luxurious bedding, we’d like to share some need-to-know information about the different layered elements that make a bed shine.

Both are intended as a top layer for the bed. They provide decoration and add warmth. The main difference between the two is that quilts are always filled with either a thin layer of batting or flannel, and quilted to hold this fill securely in place. Coverlets tend not to have fill. They frequently get their depth and texture from a jacquard or matelassé pattern woven right into the design.

Comforters are always lofty and quilted whereas blankets can be lofty or woven flat. Our Essentials Collection allows you to pick a blanket or a comforter. The primary difference here is size and fill. The blankets have less fill and are larger, designed to drape beautifully or tuck under a mattress. They are versatile layers any time of year. The comforter is sized to skim the top of the bed, allowing you to turn it down on warmer nights. Comforters can come in a color or print to dress the top of the bed, or as white bedding basics, designed to be inserted into a duvet cover.

TomAto, tomato…to us, they’re exactly the same thing. They are fabric enclosures for a comforter (or duvet) to fit neatly inside, so you can change the look of the bed without having to purchase a whole new lofty layer.

Duvet is actually the European term for what we call a comforter. In Europe, if you protect your duvet with a cover, you might not use a flat top sheet. The cover acts as the barrier between you and the comforter. Over the years, we’re become accustomed to incorporating a flat sheet into our bedding ensemble for use with a duvet cover. If you tend to sleep warm, you can peel back the covered duvet and use the flat sheet as a cover.

The important thing to remember is that these covers are designed to have something inside. Our covers have a button closure that runs along the bottom edge. They also have ties in all four corners to anchor your duvet/comforter neatly in place.

Now you can style your bed by selecting the right layers for you. What pieces do you work into your bedding ensembles? For more inspiration, check out our featured room designs and explore our complete home collection.

VIDEO: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in 30 Seconds

Fitted sheets are the hardest to fold. Their elastic band somehow throws off your perfectly smoothed lines and sharp corners. But before you give up and just roll your fitted sheet into a ball and tuck it into the back of your closet, check out our quick video on how to get that neat, flawlessly folded look fast. We’ve broken it down to six easy-to-follow steps. Soon you won’t be able to tell your fitted from your flat sheets!

Check out our latest collection of solid and printed sheets.

Did you find this video useful? Comment below to tell us what you think.