7 ways to instantly redefine your space — and your style

New year, new look! We are always seeking quick fixes that can easily transform a room and refresh your home. Here are seven tips to instantly elevate your style and redefine any decor:

1. Find a new slant on the space — go diagonal!

Hable Sawtooth Quilt and ShamTry to create balance while not making everything paired up, squared up, and completely symmetrical. Placing things in twos and making them counterpoints in the space tends to make a room more formal and austere. It works for formal living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms, but it’s always nice to make your home as approachable as possible. Think of mismatched groupings with odd numbers, not pairs. Offset a chair, place an accent table on the diagonal, nestle a bookcase kitty-corner to add spice and give your look a more casual, eclectic vibe.

2. Less is often more.

Printed-Stripe Dream Quilt and ShamThing accumulate over a year, so it’s time to downsize and remove a few pieces from your decor. This will give the room a fresh, streamlined look. By giving the furniture, artwork, or a print more room to breathe, you are actually emphasizing it more and creating focal points. As you start to curate the space, ask yourself: Do I have the right pieces? Could some of these pieces work better in other spots?

3. Live with what you love.

Blue Moon Quilt and ShamCollect and surround yourself with designs that make you smile — donate, recycle, sell, or give the rest away. The ultimate goal is to fall in love with every corner of your home. Sometimes things have their moment and then overstay their welcome. Maybe you love it, but it just isn’t working in your decor. If this is true, find a new home for it; give it to a friend, family member, or neighbor. This will make room for those pieces that really work, and you’ll be ready when you find them.

4. Shams are pillows, too.

Sashiko Organic Cotton Coverlet and ShamDecorative pillows are not a sham — well, actually they sometimes are. Pillow covers add pops of color and pattern to a decor. Did you know that most of our bedding programs offer shams as a component? Dressier than a standard pillowcase, a sham provides decorative elements (a fun print, an intricate texture, or a quilted pattern) designed to coordinate with bedding to make artful bedscapes, but you can also can also use them as decorative pillows throughout your home. Collect the designs you are captivated by and display them along a bench, layered in window seat, or arranged on a sofa.

5. Rugs put on a floor show.

Herringbone Woven Cotton RugA new rug instantly updates the space and gives it a bold new look. Try a new pattern or go with a solid design. Play with texture and scale. Many of the rugs we find for our collection are “transitional,” meaning they work in many different rooms and decors. We love placing a more traditional design in a more modern space as well as anchoring classic furnishings and antiques with a graphic contemporary pattern. Rugs are a great way to introduce a vibrant splash of color or create a quiet, restful space with a neutral.

6. Add fresh greens to your design salad.

Garnet Hill Essential ComfortersPlants and flowers add life to a space, soften harsh edges and lines, and can improve air quality. An artful arrangement or a potted flower are pleasing ways to add color to a room. A grouping of plants in various cachepots adds a lush, natural element to your decorating. From oversized floor plants to succulents on a windowsill, think scale when introducing greenery to a decor.

7. Find your right light.

Cityscape Table LampOnce you have lived in a space for a while, you can dramatically change the look and feel of the room by changing the light. Sometimes it’s as simple as just changing the lamp. We love a lamp or lighting fixture that has a reflective base. Try a design that’s chrome, hammered copper, or glass. If you already have the source you’re happy with, you can also play with the light by adding reflective surfaces like a mirror, a metallic accent, or a glass sculpture. Candles are also a way to create ambiance and mood within a space.

For more ideas and instant updates, explore our latest home collection.

5 instant updates for a summer home

Garnet Hill Cape House Quilt
The onset of warmer weather compels us to throw open the windows, shed some layers, and find quick, easy updates to bring the sunshine into our homes and lives. We seek to catch that casual, carefree vibe of beach vacations and weekend getaways with our everyday surroundings. To achieve this, here are some trends, treasured finds, and design ideas to help you embrace summer in your decor.


Garnet Hill Seersucker Duvet Cover
There’s nothing like a fresh coat of white paint. It’s like visual sorbet, a palette cleanser for the eye. White can be brilliant and stark or warm and cozy based on the shade. It draws and reflects light, and is an ideal backdrop for bright colors to pop.


In an all-white room, a vibrant quilt is elevated to artwork. Holding its own as a focus point in the room, its intricate patterns and stitching make bold statements. A vivid rug or large-scale painting can have a similar effect in the space.
Garnet Hill French Market Quilt


Variegated stripes on a rug, bars of color on storage bins… Classic yet casual, jaunty woven stripes add pops of color and pattern to the decor, and they add the carefree look of a beachside cabana to the room.
Cottage Stripe Cotton Rug Collection by Dash and Albert


It is easy to go nautical this time of year, but it’s difficult to do it well. Mini prints and hooked wool pillow covers lend icon motifs to the room design, but think of adding more subtle notes to finish the look. Rustic textured glass, weathered wood, sea-grass baskets all balance out a seafaring scene with a touch of sophistication.
Garnet Hill Geo Blossom Comforter


Curvaceously shaped and brightly glazed, this versatile table-stool mimics the look of an oversized planter that one on might find on the veranda of a luxurious beachside resort. It makes a lively, sculptural statement positioned by the bed as a nightstand or next to an easy chair as a side table on the porch.


Judy Ross Textiles Fauna Linen and Cotton Duvet Cover
Our exclusive Fauna Floral by NY-based designer Judy Ross is an oversized print that plays with tone and scale. It mixes warm neutrals with pops of color, conjuring the look of playful palm-like botanicals in the sunlight, casting shadows on the sand.
Garnet Hill Dahlia Cotton Coverlet
What are your tips for bringing summer into your home? Do you gravitate towards certain colors, textures, and accents?