How to design a shared kids’ bedroom: three easy steps inspired by Garnet Hill home stylists

Mix-and-Match Flannel Bedding. Shared Space? Here's a Tip: Play with Solids and Patterns to Create a Design that's Unified Yet Uniquely their Own!
Whether you have children sharing a room or a bunkhouse for the grandkids, crafting a space that looks unified while still reflecting different personalities can be a challenge.

We love this technique used by our Garnet Hill home stylists for photo shoots: incorporate mixing, matching, and layering for a room that feels well–coordinated yet full of individual personality.

It’s also a great way to get more mileage out of your favorite bedding sets!
Garnet Hill Kids' Bedding

Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1:
Decide how closely the sheets should coordinate. Are the kids similar enough in age and interests to enjoy a matching pattern, or would different designs in complementary colors better suit them? Once you know that it’s easy to build the rest.

Enlist their help if you can — the more involved they are in the decision-making, the more delighted they’re likely to be with the result.

Step 2:
Choose comforters, quilts, pillows and blankets. Now mix and match away! Try splitting sets between the beds (ie. orange blanket on one, orange sham on the other). And take liberties when deciding what to pair. Stripes with patterns, solids with dots, dots with stripes — get creative, and use what you already have on hand when possible.

Step 3:
Use accessories to define each space. If one child is an art lover and the other on the sporty side, accessories are a great way to showcase that.

Another approach could be to choose a brighter mix of colors and a playful rug for one, a more subtle color palette with sophisticated accessories for the other.

That’s it. And one of the best things about designing a room this way? The possibilities for mixing and remixing are endless.

Have fun!

4 secrets to an instantly cozier home

As fall unfolds, there’s one home trend that keeps us all warm: cashmere. Drape your decor with soft, toasty cashmere. Whether folded over the back of the sofa or placed across the foot of the bed, cashmere throws lend their inviting touch to interior design and welcome guests with their exquisite comfort. Cashmere layers beautifully with other fall textures like faux fur, mohair, merino wool, and velvet.

We’ve teamed up with Jessica of My Style Vita to reveal some simple tips to create a cozier home with cashmere — some you may have heard of and others entirely new to spark inspiration.

The Bedroom

Temperatures are dropping and nights are getting cooler. With this comes the need for extra layers on your bed. Here are a few simple steps to cozy up the bedroom.

STEP ONE: Add a warm blanket to the foot of your bed. It adds dimension to your decor and you can unfold it for an extra layer when you need it.


STEP TWO: Accessorize with rich textures like velvet pillows. This is a quick tip to instantly transform your room from summer to fall.


STEP THREE: Add an unexpected cashmere accent by draping your cashmere throw over your headboard. It adds a touch of coziness to the room and of course, it’s easy to grab when you need it.


And don’t stop at your decor. You can step up your loungewear with a luxurious cashmere robe, cashmere socks, and cozy slippers.

The Armchair

Draping a cashmere throw on even the most modern of armchairs creates a cozy corner. Look for unique ways to drape — like underneath the cushion — to create a stylish accent that doubles as a functional layer for warmth.

STEP ONE: Remove the cushion of your chair and drape the cashmere throw over the back of the chair. Smooth out the throw to make sure it’s even and hangs over the front the chair. This will act as your base layer. Place your cushion back on.


STEP TWO: Take another cashmere throw or blanket to add a double layer. This adds depth and allows you to play with different colors.


STEP THREE: Add textured pillows to accent the armchair and create an inviting place to snuggle up with a book.


To complete your reading nook, try layering a sheepskin rug over an existing rug to add depth, texture, and warmth.

The Dining Room

Holiday season is fast approaching and we’ve got an entertaining tip that will be a warm welcome for guests. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party in a dining room or entertaining outdoors for an alfresco experience, try these easy tips.


STEP ONE: Drape a cashmere throw over the back of a dining chair or across a bench to add a soft touch.

STEP TWO: Add clusters of candles to your tablescape to create a warm glow and festive ambiance.

The Couch

It’s time to kick back and get cozy. Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday or hosting a viewing party, these soft touches are something that will not go unappreciated.

STEP ONE: Stuff your couch with comfy blankets and plush pillows for an inviting and relaxing environment. Keep a basket of rolled cashmere throws next to the couch to offer to guests.

STEP TWO: Mix and match patterns and textures, such as ribbed cashmere, fringed blankets and layers adorned with pompoms, to create a cozier aesthetic. Add seasonal textiles like velvet, faux fur, and cable-knit pillows to complete the look.

Inside this year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse

Welcome to the Hampton Designer Showhouse in Southampton. This year, we teamed up with designer Melanie Roy to contribute a beautiful guest bedroom to this stunning home. Melanie and her team mixed natural elements with modern design details to create a space that’s both comfortable and luxurious.


Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017: Colors and Theme

photography by Anastassios Mentis

The design speaks to Garnet Hill’s ethos, Beautiful, Naturally — and it showcases the Pantone color of the year, Greenery. To suit the theme, Melanie sought pieces that meld organic shapes and natural materials with modern elements. Pops of green stand out in an environment of soft whites with highlights of black.


Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017: The Garden Wall

photography by Anastassios Mentis

An affordable option for creating a stunning accent wall was to cover it with faux ferns. This design choice brings the beauty of a woodland glen indoors. Easy to install, the greenery brings the color story and natural theme to life. Accented with a swinging chair — this blast-from-the-past seating option has resurfaced as a fun summer decorating trend.


Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017: Wooden Branch Chandelier

photography by Anastassios Mentis

Melanie selected a sputnik-style chandelier (from Arteriors Lighting) that incorporates wooden-branch spokes into its contemporary starburst form. To add more ambiance, the ceiling was covered with shell wallpaper (by Romo) to give it subtle sheen and highlight the light fixture.


Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017: Textured Fabrics

photography by Anastassios Mentis

Flaxen and silken fibers add rustic charm and elegance to the space. From the linen upholstery of the headboard and bench to the washed-silk bedding, the fabric choices lend a casual Hamptons vibe to the room. Scoring extra points for creativity, Melanie used a sheepskin rug as a luxurious dressing at the foot of the bed.


Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017: Natural Accents

photography by Anastassios Mentis

Pieces of driftwood, sculptural coral, green foliage, moss, and bubbled glass… These elements enhance the Beautiful, Naturally theme. Distressed wooden finishes add texture to the nightstands (from SERENA & LILY) and painted artwork (by Jason Middlebrook). The artwork over the bed is actually a series of decorative plates by Lori Katz, organic designs adorned with mod geometric shapes.


Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017: Wallpaper

photography by Anastassios Mentis

Wallpaper continues to make a comeback. It’s a great way to accent a wall and add pattern to a space. The subtle striated pattern on the bedroom walls (by Romo) brings the design elements together. Go bolder in smaller spaces, like the custom palm print (from Phillip Jeffries) in the entryway or Judy Ross Brushstrokes in the bath.

Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017: Judy Ross Decor and Wallpaper

photography by Anastassios Mentis

Designer Judy Ross on India, Inspiration, and Collaboration with Artisans

Judy Ross in India

In the early days of her career as a designer, Judy Ross commuted between her houseboat and her artisans’ homes in a shikara, a slender skiff with palm leaf paddles used in the lake region of Kashmir. Every element of her life in India was fresh, inspirational, a creative journey.

From her start back in the ‘80s in India with a team of artisans, designer Judy Ross continues to produce intricate work, and now brings those designs to Garnet Hill with a distinctive home collection.

The quality and originality of Ross’s textile and rug collections remain definitively out of the ordinary, and her graphic designs are unmistakably hers. She’s forever evolving her sensibilities, but there’s a constant thread that has run through her beautiful designs for decades.

We recently caught up with Judy Ross to discuss her creative vision and her connections to the artisans that she works with.

Judy Ross in India

“My first trip to India in 1989, I remember walking into a little mud-brick production hut in Srinagar where an early collection was being prototyped. The artisans had put my full-size paper collages up on the walls to show placement and coloring. With all the motifs hanging on the walls, it looked like a gallery show. The artisans support me in what I do, and I support them. It takes a lot of loyalty and the wonderfully collaborative spirit of working together.”

Judy Ross in India

“I have a fine-art degree and studied painting in school. My painting style was always decorative, so it was easy to move back and forth between painting and textiles. Working with artisans, they get to translate my brushstrokes into stitches. This creates a collaborative vision.”

Creation of Handmade Textiles in India

“From hand-dying the color and hand-weaving the fabric to embroidering and embellishing pieces with print, it is a luxury to work with artisans since 1989. I love things that are made in this fashion. All the products I have done with Garnet Hill have that same care and attention to detail in the way they are made.”

Judy Ross in India

“I love India and cherish the relationship I have with my artisans all these years. I really love the colors, the culture, and the spirit of the people. There’s a great sense of humor there and I love to laugh when I am working!”

Judy Ross in India

“I love creating the pillows with artisans and seeing what they come up with and how they interpret the vision with their stitch work. I still to this day enjoy the surprise when I receive my first prototypes.”

Judy Ross

“When I create, I usually use a sketch, a watercolor, or a pen-and-ink drawing. I choose the application: the type of embroidery, the colors, the stitch work. I primarily work with chain-stitching. I love the straight simplicity of it, the feel that it creates — the texture. That’s my medium of choice in terms of how I interpret my work. I approach all my designing in that manner, and hope to get the simplicity and texture in other mediums like printing and weaving.”

Judy Ross in India

“I realized early on that I had an original design voice, and I followed this passion throughout my career, working with artisans in India and Nepal. From my sketches to their careful handwork, a collaborative vision is created.”

About Judy Ross

Judy Ross Textiles® is a NY-based design studio known for its distinctively clean and modern design of products ranging from pillows, rugs, throws, and curtains, to upholstery and bedcovers. Judy Ross brings together color, detail, and texture to create distinctive home textiles. Attracting a loyal clientele, Judy Ross has designed custom pieces for interior designers, architects and major hotels around the world, among them the Hyatt, Hilton and W Hotels. Her heirloom-quality hand-embroidered textiles are included in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Garnet Hill is thrilled to launch our exclusive design collaboration with Judy Ross. The collection includes bedding, rugs, towels, storage solutions, and more. It’s an ideal partnership, balancing Judy Ross’s fresh, modern aesthetic with Garnet Hill’s signature quality.
Judy Ross in India

Holidays with the Hables

This season, we are taking the time to celebrate new and old traditions. One of our longest-running traditions is our holiday collaboration with Hable Construction® to design our festive felt stockings. The Hable sisters, Susan and Katharine, are serious about the holidays in their home, so we sat down with them to chat about their traditions in hopes of inspiring some new ones with our family and yours. Here are their thoughts.

Get Creative with Stocking Stuffers

Homemade stocking stuffers are really thoughtful – and many don’t take a lot of time! We love the idea of using found shells as salt cellars. You could also drill holes and string them to make a necklace or a decorative garland. Tiny paintings make a sweet gift, and don’t forget chocolate!

Hable Christmas Stocking in Elf Blowing Stars

New Pajamas on Christmas Eve

We have a family tradition of always getting a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. These genie pajamas were our favorites! Traditions like this one build lasting memories and give you and your family something to look forward to for years to come.
Hable Sisters - Genie Pajamas

Making a Game of Trimming the Tree

The holidays are a HUGE deal for us at Hable Construction, so we always travel home to Texas to spend these special times with extended family and friends. Here’s a little peek of the tree at our mom and dad’s house. Every year, our mom hides a golden pickle somewhere on the tree and whoever finds it gets a special gift!

Christmas Tree

Start a New Tradition with New Designs

Sometimes a beautiful personalized stocking can make the gift inside feel a little more special. Our favorite additions to our holiday collection at Garnet Hill are these printed botanical stockings in berries, floral, and greenery. We are proud to expand the selection beyond our forever-festive wool felt friends and add some beautiful painterly designs from Susan’s artwork.
Hable Botanical Stockings

A pop of summertime color — starting now!

Colorful Summer Bedding and Home


Sailor Blue. Tiger Lily Orange. Ocean. Coral. Golden Delicious…

Take a spin on the summer color wheel with Garnet Hill. We’ve collected a beautiful array of original shades, soothing to vibrant. Not only do we celebrate color in every design, but we also put rooms together by coordinating and contrasting hues and patterns. Here are some of our favorite picks for adding a healthy dose of seasonal color to your home:

Watercolor Floral Duvet Cover and ShamFrom splashy watercolor flowers to a sunny cottage garden, a vibrant floral print is a great way infuse color into a bedroom. To maximize decorating options, try selecting a print with many different colors. Pull from it for color inspiration for years to come — and everything will go!

Mini-Print Percale BeddingLive happily ever after with seasonal prints like blue Whales, navy Anchors, sand-colored Sand Dollars, quirky Bicycles, full scales of Musical Notes, and more. A playful sheet pattern is a great way to introduce color to the space and instantly change the theme of a bedroom for the season.

Flip-Side Quilt and ShamNothing screams summer like a light and airy white bed with just a splash of hot color. Vibrant solids are a great way to make a more potent color statement. We recommend a Ribbed Cotton Matelassé Coverlet for an intense statement, or a Flip-Side Quilt that’s two colors in one!

Garnet Hill Fair Isle Hooked Wool RugA real showstopper and a forever favorite with customers, the Fair Isle Rug is hand-hooked from soft wool in vivid color combos that enhance the whimsical spirit of its folkloric patterning. And this round rug works in any room, from bedrooms and guestrooms to playrooms, entryways, and family living spaces.

Garnet Hill Doormat CollectionSometimes swapping out a design for a new color or design will make all the difference and instantly change the look. A cheerful motif on a natural coir doormat, a fresh stack of plush towels, a cozy throw draped over the end of a bed…all invitations to add an instant burst of color (and comfort) to a home.

Monochromatic, tonal, or bold and bright… What’s your favorite color story this summer? For more fun ideas and color combos, including our designer rooms, explore the current home collection.

What do you call a group of…

Tulip Bouquet

What do you call a group of…

  • A group of Kashmir goats is called a herd.
  • A group of Garnet Hill cashmere sweaters is called a good start.
  • A group of parrots is called a pandemonium.
  • A group of colorful Garnet Hill tops is called a delight.
  • A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.
  • A group of Garnet Hill shoes is called not enough shoes.
  • A group of bitterns is called a sedge.
  • A group of Garnet Hill flannel sheets is called a snooze.
  • A group of mosquitoes is called a scourge. (The mosquito is sometimes said to be the New Hampshire State Bird. In actuality that is the Purple Finch.)
  • A group of random, unmatched socks in the drawer is called inevitable.
  • A group of guinea fowl is called a confusion.
  • A group of Garnet Hill linen tops is called a summer.
  • No official word on what a group of groups is called. Probably a group.

Stylist tip: the secret to perfectly plump decorative pillows

Shoreline Hooked Wool Decorative Pillow Covers

What’s the secret to fuller, plusher decorative pillows? It’s a question we get all the time from decorating enthusiasts when they’re putting the finishing touches on rooms or reinvigorating their bedding ensembles.

Cable Knit Decorative Pillow Covers

Our stylists have a simple solution: use the next size up in pillow inserts, if they’re offered. This works best with square pillow covers — so for an 18” square, try a 20” insert, and so on. This gives pillow covers the right amount of added oomph. It can make a big difference, and helps the design details shine.

Hable Canvas Decorative Pillow Cover Collection

For a list of pillow-insert sizes we offer, visit our feather and down pillow-insert collection. And for more inspiration, including the latest decorative pillow covers, explore our complete home collection.

Linen and Jute Decorative Pillow Covers

Garnet Hill Heads to the Hamptons

Garnet Hill Store in Bridgehampton, NYThis year, we’re summering in the Hamptons! We’re opening our retail doors for the season in Long Island’s enchanting east-end enclave of Bridgehampton. The store will give Garnet Hill fans a touch-and-feel experience with our best products: rich bedding in soft linen, crisp cotton, and woven silks, plus cashmere robes, airy cotton fashions, distinctive accessories, and more.

Customers will be able to peruse Garnet Hill’s bedding and home decor, as well as favorites in sleepwear and apparel. The store will offer everything from the authentic European cotton flannel sheets that launched our company, to the full array of beautifully designed products that we’re known for today!

“We’ve put a lot of thought and care into our premiere store’s design and location. And Bridgehampton — with a charming downtown that is both low-key and a destination for home design resources — felt like a perfect fit for us,” says Claire Spofford, Garnet Hill president. “We think customers who know and love us will be excited to ‘meet’ us for the first time and we’ll be a pleasant surprise to new customers as well.”

Located at 2424 Main Street (also known as Montauk Highway) in the center of Bridgehampton’s downtown district, the interior of the 1,700 square foot store juxtaposes the honest simplicity of our New England roots with the comforts and casual glamour of the modern coastal lifestyle.

The official grand opening of the store will happen Saturday, June 27. We’d love to see you there!

Brahms Mount:
Beautiful Blankets Made in Maine

Brahms Mount
Brahms MountModern Comfort, Traditional Maine Design
Synonymous with outstanding quality, timeless details, and Maine craftsmanship, Brahms Mount weaves textiles with a signature design based on classical elements grounded in tradition.

Since 1983, customers have been enchanted by the beauty and comfort of Brahms Mount fabrics. Woven on antique shuttle looms in a historic Maine mill and crafted by seasoned artisans, these fabrics evoke a sense of richness and resilience reminiscent of handwoven heirloom textiles.

Brahms Mount remains passionate about this vision. They are American artisans, weaving the finest natural fibers to deliver luxurious fabrics with superior construction that lasts and lasts.

Learn more about Brahms Mount. For more layering pieces, check out our latest home collection, including blankets and throws.