How to Create a DIY Holiday Sign

December is here, and the scramble for last-minute gifts has begun. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, we have a DIY gift idea for you. This gift is easy to make and incredibly thoughtful: a personalized holiday sign.

Or, if you’ve already checked everyone off your list this year, create one to add a bit of festive décor to your own home.

DIY Holiday Sign

Our friend and blogger Kelli Delaney of KDHamptons showed us how to craft these signs on a recent weekend at our Bridgehampton store. Now we want to share them with you!

Below we’ve listed the necessary materials to complete this project. You can create begin by sourcing pallet wood or using four individual wooden boards and nailing them together.
DIY Holiday Sign

Materials Needed:
1 rustic wooden sign
1 foam or bristle paintbrush
Stencil paint or acrylic paint, color of your choosing
Plastic letter stencil sheet

Step One: Cut Stencils

Decide what to write inside the wreath. Take the stencil sheet, cut out the letters, and position them inside the circle.
Scissors and Holiday Ribbon

Step Two: Prep Your Paint

Gather your painting supplies – foam or bristle paintbrush, container or paper plate for paint, newspaper to avoid mess. When ready, pour a little paint out and coat your brush evenly in paint.

Step Three: Paint Away!

If you are using a foam brush, hold the stencil down firmly with your non-painting hand, and evenly fill in the letter using a blotting or sponging technique. Repeat for all other letters and remove stencils upon completion.
Creating a DIY Holiday Sign
DIY Holiday Sign
Or, for all you artists out there, freehand with a paintbrush like Kelli.
Painting a DIY Holiday Sign
Voila! A beautiful, rustic holiday sign with a special personalized touch. Who on your list would love to receive this handmade gift?
DIY Holiday Sign Finished

Need more inspiration?

We spotted these wooden signs by local artist Stacey Lucas in a restaurant in nearby Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Enjoy!
New Hampshire Wooden Sign by Stacey Lucas