Green In Every Color

Green Cotton Clothing at Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill is the only U.S. brand offering Green Cotton® apparel. Here’s why you – and your kids – should be wearing it.

The T-shirts of the world had a problem: they twisted when you turned.

Kinda clingy, not so comfy.

This being the early 1980s, the solution was uncomplicated: chemicals! Adding formaldehyde solved it.

Not so in Denmark, however, where Leif Nørgaard’s Scandinavian values led him down a more verdant path. One of mindfulness, sustainability, and ingenuity … values that would later characterize one of the worlds most authentically green textile makers.

Leif originated a creative solution in the knitting of t-shirt fabric. By alternating fiber direction as thread became fabric, he solved the twisting problem.

Yielding all of the comfort with none of the chemical.

This innovation led Leif to establish Novotex, maker of Green Cotton®.

Green Cotton® and Garnet Hill found each other in 1994, and they’ve been one of our largest vendors ever since.

Green Cotton® production systems are based upon a life-cycle philosophy: from growing cotton plant to finished product, clothing must have as little impact on people and the environment as possible.

As a company, Green Cotton® painstakingly considers the environmental consequences of every business decision it makes, and its production methods ensure that each step of textile and clothing production encourages sustainability and minimizes environmental impact.

Picked by hand, Green Cotton® is cleaner cotton, harvested without use of chemical defoliants. Throughout the dyeing and finishing process, sophisticated purification and monitoring systems help minimize the polluting effects of Green Cotton manufacturing in the workplace and the environment.

When the Green Cotton® folks come to New Hampshire to catch up with our product and sourcing teams, their passion for doing things the right way, the better way, not the fastest or cheapest way, is palpable. We get excited all over again.

You’ll find Green Cotton® mentioned in the descriptions of much of our women’s sleepwear – such as the best selling Asian Wrap Pajamaschildren’s clothing and women’s clothing.

Here’s to Green Cotton® and blue skies.