On EILEEN FISHER color inspiration & theory

Eileen Fisher Color Inspiration and Theory

Eileen Fisher is known for its careful consideration of color. For our series of interviews with the EF Team, we caught up with Chris Costan, Senior Color Designer, to solicit her insight and expertise in developing color palettes for ready-to-wear and home collections.

Q: Please define your position at Eileen Fisher.
As Senior Color Designer, I generate the seasonal color concepts and palettes, exclusive palettes, and accessory color combinations, allocating color to fabric, yarns, styles and “how to wear”. Staying up to date on the latest trends and cultural moments is vital to the job that I perform at EF. I also work with the Garnet Hill EF Home team to introduce new concepts and combinations to the existing Eileen Fisher home line of bedding, bath, and sleepwear. Along with new ideas, we always want to ensure that we keep a consistent Eileen Fisher aesthetic.

Q: As a visual artist, how did you start working in color design/fashion?
My own career as a visual artist has informed my skill set, which it turned out was applicable to my job as colorist for Eileen Fisher. I came to EF without precise fashion experience but have always had a great aptitude and interest in fashion and trend. I once worked at MTV television networks on an animated television program, Daria, where fashion was quite important. I was supervisor of the color department overseeing the colors (characters, clothing, backgrounds and props) of Daria.

Q: What is most rewarding about your job as a color designer?
My job is quite hectic, varied and challenging. It involves making 1000’s of aesthetic decisions. It is rewarding to “reinvent” the wheel, meaning, given the restrictions and parameters of what color needs to be for this clothing line, I can try to make each palette different from those in the past.

Q: What is your favorite object in your studio?
My favorites vary from time to time. At the moment, a dried mushroom conglomeration, it’s inspirational in relation to the miracle of nature and color, and it inspired a canvas-y jumpsuit.

Q: How are the colors for the Eileen Fisher Home Collection developed?
I assess the colors from the EF ready-to-wear line and see which of those might be transferable to our home line. Then I interact with the designers at Garnet Hill as they contribute the Garnet Hill needs for color until we refine and finalize.

Q: What does your typical day look like?
My day also varies from day to day, season to season. I explore trends online, on the street and by reading magazines. I work alone on designing, conceptualizing, and planning ahead, jotting down ideas, gathering images and thinking of new color names (lots of multitasking). I also collaborate with different teams; design, merchandising, education and sometimes the writers for Eileen Fisher.

Q: Are there any colors on the rise that you love? What’s your favorite color of the moment?
I’ve been a fan of “cosmetic colors” for quite some time. A worker’s suit type of Green is on point right now. I’ve always loved pink so for the EF for GH home offering, Rosewater. Blue! Black! White! Too much information!

See the end result of Chris’s hard work in our latest Eileen Fisher collections for women, sleep and home.

6 Hygge Tips for All-Season Coziness

When we think hygge (hoo-gah; Danish coziness), we often think of winter, hibernation, curling up in a big, thick blanket — but it’s a lifestyle, something to embrace all year long. We’ve come up with a list of ideas to keep that cozy, happy vibe going season after season.


Hygge Design Tips - Signature Toile Flannel Bedding
A crackling fire, the glow and sophisticated scent of candles, the shimmer of metallic and glass, fairy lights in branches… Whether it’s a gathering of family and friends or some well-deserved alone time, these things create a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Hygge Design Tips - The Blue Moon Bedroom
Soft cashmere, baby alpaca, New Zealand wool, lustrous silk, rustic linen, brushed cotton… Texture adds comfort and makes you feel relaxed and well rested. Surround yourself with what you love by layering your bed and wardrobe with pieces that make you feel good. Cocoon away!


Hygge Design Tips - The Organic Cotton Bedroom
By all means, get outdoors as much as you can, but when you must be inside, bring the nature into the space. Soft botanical prints, a knotty wood grain, driftwood, seashells, fresh flowers, house plants, and artfully arranged branches can add natural elements to a room. And don’t stop at home — infuse nature into your office or workspace, too.


Hygge Design Tips - Interlocking Box Shelves
Build and share mini libraries around your home. A collection of your favorites arranged on a nightstand in the guest room, a couple shelves in the living room, a basket of books in the breakfast nook or in the dining room. Engage family and guests (and spark conversations) with a wide array of topics and stories ranging from epic fiction and biographies to history and fine art books.


Hygge Design Tips
An ideal blend of practicality and art, there’s something truly special about hand-thrown ceramics. Eating warm noodles or oatmeal from a stoneware bowl, hot tea, coffee, or hot cocoa from a favorite mug, fresh flowers carefully arranged in a beautiful vase — all bring joy and comfort to daily routines.


Hygge Design Tips - Eileen Fisher Ombre Cotton and Linen Duvet Cover
There’s quiet power in color. Selecting the right palette and tones can help you find comfort, energize your wardrobe and home, and elevate your mood. We recommend shades inspired by nature: a sea of deep-blue hues, lush greens, the soft blush of a sun-kissed morning sky, earthy neutrals and undyed fibers that communicate the lay of the land.

For more inspiration and special picks, explore the hygge-inspired corner of our collection.

A pop of summertime color — starting now!

Colorful Summer Bedding and Home


Sailor Blue. Tiger Lily Orange. Ocean. Coral. Golden Delicious…

Take a spin on the summer color wheel with Garnet Hill. We’ve collected a beautiful array of original shades, soothing to vibrant. Not only do we celebrate color in every design, but we also put rooms together by coordinating and contrasting hues and patterns. Here are some of our favorite picks for adding a healthy dose of seasonal color to your home:

Watercolor Floral Duvet Cover and ShamFrom splashy watercolor flowers to a sunny cottage garden, a vibrant floral print is a great way infuse color into a bedroom. To maximize decorating options, try selecting a print with many different colors. Pull from it for color inspiration for years to come — and everything will go!

Mini-Print Percale BeddingLive happily ever after with seasonal prints like blue Whales, navy Anchors, sand-colored Sand Dollars, quirky Bicycles, full scales of Musical Notes, and more. A playful sheet pattern is a great way to introduce color to the space and instantly change the theme of a bedroom for the season.

Flip-Side Quilt and ShamNothing screams summer like a light and airy white bed with just a splash of hot color. Vibrant solids are a great way to make a more potent color statement. We recommend a Ribbed Cotton Matelassé Coverlet for an intense statement, or a Flip-Side Quilt that’s two colors in one!

Garnet Hill Fair Isle Hooked Wool RugA real showstopper and a forever favorite with customers, the Fair Isle Rug is hand-hooked from soft wool in vivid color combos that enhance the whimsical spirit of its folkloric patterning. And this round rug works in any room, from bedrooms and guestrooms to playrooms, entryways, and family living spaces.

Garnet Hill Doormat CollectionSometimes swapping out a design for a new color or design will make all the difference and instantly change the look. A cheerful motif on a natural coir doormat, a fresh stack of plush towels, a cozy throw draped over the end of a bed…all invitations to add an instant burst of color (and comfort) to a home.

Monochromatic, tonal, or bold and bright… What’s your favorite color story this summer? For more fun ideas and color combos, including our designer rooms, explore the current home collection.