Holiday dressing:
3 comfortable, festive outfits by stylist Conni Jespersen

Conni Jespersen is a personal wardrobe stylist based in San Diego. Conni teaches online style courses, offers virtual styling, and encourages women to build a thoughtful wardrobe based on wearable, versatile pieces for an everyday lifestyle. You can find Conni at and on Instagram at @artinthefind and her style classes at

This holiday, the trend is all about wearing outfits that feel comfortable with a little bit of festivity thrown in. Here are three holiday looks that are both festive and comfortable for the winter season.


Nothing says holiday more than velvet. That’s what makes this velvet blazer in a deep gold hue a comfortable yet put-together piece for celebrating at home. I paired it with a simple silk camisole, jeans, and a printed loafer to complete the look. Even if you’re venturing out to a small family gathering, this outfit works for day or evening. The blazer is relaxed with a hint of a structure. It also looks great with a pair of wide-leg trousers or skinny jeans, or even faux-leather leggings. Dress it up or down.


If you want to put together a simple, chic outfit for the holidays, monochromatic is the way to go. Keeping it simple with an effortless color combination takes little guesswork and makes a stylish impact. This recycled-cashmere sweater is slightly cropped with a dropped shoulder and subtle puffed sleeves.  It’s both beautiful and comfortable. Pair it with cropped wide-leg cords and a pair of spotted loafers. Add a pop of pattern to the outfit with the shoe or the sweater. This sweater comes in a few different colors as do the cords. This monochromatic outfit is an ideal look for a holiday brunch or festive afternoon lunch.


If dressing up is more your style, but the holidays are going to be a little more low-key this year, pulling together something a bit fancier might be as simple as throwing on a little block heel and a festive sequined duster. This cardigan is purposefully oversized, making it even more cozy. Pull the outfit together with a chic pair of white cords and silk cami. I love the way this block-heel shoe balances fun and function, making it an ideal option for this holiday outfit.

The shift to neutrals: tips for styling cozy fall/winter looks

Soft textures. Quiet colors. Stephanie Trotta from The Girl Guide is known among friends and clients for her classic yet fresh aesthetic. This season, we asked Stephanie how she transforms her favorite pieces from our collection into stylish looks that are ready for the colder weather ahead.

As the temperatures drop, some of my favorite things to do are curling up on the couch with a great book and a cup of tea, and taking long morning walks on the beach with my two boys and husband. It’s a time to get cozy and enjoy the shift in the weather. 

I love neutral colors and believe that combining beautiful, calming shades in varying textures is the key to creating a timeless and chic wardrobe. It’s important that you have warm, stylish pieces that mix together to work, no matter where this winter happens to take you.

Layering neutrals and textures creates timeless looks that are chic, comfortable, and ready for whatever week and weekend adventures await. From the coat to the sweater and boots, these designs from Garnet Hill are pieces that I will go to again and again. They are essentials for any cold-weather wardrobe.

When selecting gloves and a hat, I go for styles that offer richness, like these alpaca-blend hat and mittens. The pom-pom adds a playful touch to the hat, and the convertible mittens make it easy to do things like checking my phone and zipping my son’s jacket, without taking them off.

This year more than ever I’m looking forward to spending more time outside: roasting marshmallows by the fire, walks with family and friends, and moving from one weekend adventure to the next. This cashmere sweater cape is an ideal way to tie an outfit together. Pair it with a long-sleeved knit top or wear it over another sweater for colder temps.

There’s something luxurious about soft neutrals in fine fabrics and fibers. These are timeless building blocks for any wardrobe whether you are out and about or just getting comfy at home. You can mix them again and again to create so many looks.

A cozy tip: leave a pair of these go-with-everything cashmere slides next to your bed, so you can slip them on first thing in the morning. They’re as important as your first cup of coffee.

My favorite piece from the Garnet Hill cashmere collection is this cashmere wrap. It’s offered in ten different colors, making it easy to have more than one, and it can be worn at home as a wrap or outdoors as a sophisticated, oversized scarf for extra warmth and to compliment any outfit. 

What are your favorite go-to layering pieces this season? For more inspiration, explore the latest Garnet Hill collection of cozy apparel and footwear.

how to care for your Garnet Hill cashmere

How to care for your cashmere remains one of our most frequently asked questions, so we had Karen, our Design Director for Apparel, share her tips to help today’s cashmere connoisseur.

You would think the most sought-after cashmere in the world would require a great deal of care, but what might seem an arduous task is in fact quite easy — even fulfilling, in a productive kind of way. Just a few simple tricks can prolong the life of your cashmere for years.

Like any wool, cashmere is naturally breathable and wicks moisture, so you can wear it as many as 50 times (read: excellent cost-per-wear) between washes. You can prolong the time between washes by wearing a tee or camisole underneath. Indeed, washing it too often will contribute to excessive pilling.

Here’s how to keep your cashmere looking and feeling wonderful.


Hand-dip in cold — never hot — water, using a mild detergent. Before you get started, always check the garment’s care label for suggested instructions that are specific to that cashmere style.

When drying your cashmere, prevent misshaping it by air-drying it flat, away from heat and direct sunlight. Do not twist, wring, or reshape the cashmere before laying it flat to dry.   

Due to its loftiness, cashmere naturally pills. Rubbing, wringing, and drying your cashmere with other garments will accelerate and amplify the pilling. Cashmere is easy to care for using a pumice sweater stone or a sweater comb, but you’ll want to keep the sweater flat and use a light, careful touch. You can find these sweater-care implements at major retailers.


  • Air out your cashmere at least 24 hours after wearing before you store it or wear it again.
  • Fold and store on a dedicated shelf next to a glass of water to maintain humidity. Remember, hanging may cause stretching. 
  • Residue from body oils and grooming products will attract moths over time. Before you put your cashmere away for the season, wash it and make sure it is completely dry.
  • A clean canvas container with a zipper closure is best. Canvas is breathable yet offers a barrier to keep moths away. Plastic is fine if you are storing for less than three months; you need to avoid condensation forming in the bag. Avoid cardboard boxes, because cardboard is not Ph-balanced and could discolor or break down the cashmere fibers.
  • Cedar balls or shavings add a nice scent, but avoid direct contact with the garments. Do not use mothballs.


Q: Should I dry-clean my sweater? What about perspiration odors under the arms?
A: Dry-cleaning uses chemicals to remove stains, so we don’t like to recommend it. If you choose not to hand wash your cashmere, opt for a non-toxic cleaning method. Search online for a ‘green dry-cleaning’ or ‘professional wet-cleaning’ service near you. 

Q: Despite my best efforts, I still get “pills” on my Garnet Hill cashmere sweaters. How do I remove them?
A: As we said above, pilling is normal for this natural fiber. We do use the highest quality fibers spun into strong two-ply yarns, twisted to resist pilling without compromising strength. These long, strong fibers take much longer to pill.

To reduce pilling, wash by hand and follow the instructions above and on the garment label. Since cashmere fibers are lofty, light, and delicate, a sweater will inevitably pill in areas predisposed to friction, i.e. under the arms. We recommend removing pills with a sweater stone or comb. Again, be careful and use a gentle touch. Do not yank pills with your fingers, as this will damage the yarn.

Q: Best way to store cashmere over the summer?
A: We don’t like to think of our cashmere as having to hibernate! We wear it year-round in air-conditioned spaces and on chilly evenings. If we haven’t convinced you, then before long-term storage, hand wash your cashmere and air dry it completely, using the tips and steps above.

Q: I have had cashmere sweaters ruined because of moths. For that reason I store them together, in a plastic tightly sealed zip bag for the summer months. During the season they move to a cedar chest. Is keeping them in the zip bag ok? I am so afraid of losing any more pieces.
A: Storing your sweaters in a plastic bag is fine, however we would not recommend storing them longer than three months, because changes in temperature could cause mildew or yellowing of light colors.

If you’re concerned about the possibility of moths, cedar is a natural moth repellent. Store your cashmere with cedar balls or a sachet of cedar chips (avoid direct contact with the cashmere).

Still have questions about how to care for your cashmere? Post them here! We’d love to hear from you.

PROFILE IN STYLE: 3 sweaters, 3 looks by Candace Read

Style enthusiast Candace Read began cultivating her personal fashion blog in 2012. Candace is also a stylist at a fashion consulting firm located in Columbus, Ohio. She takes her exceptional personal styling and wardrobe consulting services to individual and corporate clients.

We asked Candace to select and share her favorite sweaters from our collection. This is how she’s styling them this fall: 

Fall. Truly, there are so many wonderful things to love about fall. For me, fall brings excitement for one thing and one thing only…THE RETURN OF SWEATERS. Putting on a beloved sweater on a crisp morning is close to magic! 

From recycled cashmere, to wool and alpaca and linen and cotton, there are so many stunning fabrications that will keep you cozy for the cooler weather ahead. And speaking of cool, let’s talk about these and how I styled them. 


 The sleeves and the knit detailing make this cardigan extra special. This piece gives me cozy vibes, so I opted to style it with a simple camisole and a button-front velvet skirt. With a sweater that is a touch more oversized, creating shape at the waist is important, so I tucked the camisole in here.


Looking for a sweater with even more textural interest? This one is it. It’s so classic, but also trendy. When wearing a darker color on the top, I like to create contrast by adding a rich, bold color on the bottom. Hence, these fun, cropped wide-leg trousers in dark caramel. 


There are a few things that I love about this set. First, it’s knit and that makes it comfortable. Second, it’s a skirt and sweater combo, which makes the set feel polished and elevated. And finally, this Gold Medallion color is simply electric. This hue is my new neutral, so to speak. 

When styling this look, I opted to pair this sweater set with an ankle boot to make it feel even more sophisticated. Also, I added a belt to define my waist and scrunched up those sleeves. Another great thing about this set is that it can be dressed down and worn casually with a favorite sneaker style and a moto jacket. 

I hope you are feeling inspired and ready to live your best sweater life this fall! For more inspiration, explore Garnet Hill’s latest collection.

5 timeless designs for next season

Consider the elements of a well-edited life… 

If you prefer fewer, better-made things to the clutter of lesser ones, if you prioritize timeless design over temporary style, you’ve arrived. At Garnet Hill, life is less about more, and more about better.

Here are 5 versatile, essential looks that will freshen your wardrobe in spring and beyond: 

1 | The boho buttoned-up shirtdress

An outfit in an instant! The shirtdress gets a bohemian makeover in floral prints and lightweight yet substantial viscose crepe. The Dropwaist Button-Up Dress is an effortless design that spans the seasons—and occasions. Change the look by switching up your footwear and accessories, and throwing on a cashmere cardigan, versatile wrap, or jean jacket.

2 | The classic trench, with a chambray twist 

Layer the tailored look of the Modern Pleated Trench Coat with the casual styling of an Essential Chambray Button-Down Shirt and you have a timeless pairing that’s fresh for the season. Wear them over iconic nautical stripes and with a favorite pair of jeans and it’s anchors aweigh, all season long.

3 | The work-of-art merino cardigan

Nothing updates a wardrobe for the season like a wear-everywhere style in a vibrant pop of print. From bright botanicals to bold geometrics, our Signature Merino Cardigan delivers a bold statement with its array of new graphics in soft, finely knit Eco Merino Wool.

4 | The textured linen topper 

Juxtapose textures and fabrics to create a look that’s rich in depth and dimension. Inspired by a painter’s coat, the Relaxed Linen Topcoat gives a rustic edge to classic woven blouses and fitted sweaters. Wear with a tried-and-true pair of jeans and a pair of leather oxfords to balance hard and soft, relaxed and refined.

5 | The day-to-date-night draped coordinates

For a sleek, put-together look, incorporate simple shapes with beautiful construction and drape into your wardrobe. We love how the Sleeveless A-Line Turtleneck Sweater pairs with the soft lines of the Knit Midi Wrap Skirt. Layer with a jacket or cardigan for work; un-layer and spice it up with the right jewelry and accessories for an evening out.   

What are your favorite looks for the shifting seasons? 

What pieces are you looking forward to incorporating into your wardrobe? 

For more new looks and inspiration, shop our latest collection of women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Styled by Pure Joy Home: where comfort finds joy

Liz Joy runs the lifestyle blog purejoyhome from Stamford, Connecticut, where she lives with her husband Brian and their two kids, Brian (age 6) and Grace (age 4). They just announced that they’re expecting baby number three. Liz has been blogging for over 10 years on a variety of topics that include motherhood, home decor, fashion, and food and recipes.

The holiday season is here, and with it come exciting times with family and friends. While it’s a busy time, I’m excited about sharing these special moments with my kids and prepping for the new year ahead.

Because running after two kids is no small feat, no matter what we’re doing, I want to be as comfortable as possible yet still look put together. Garnet Hill has many great pieces to help you build the ultimate wardrobe, creating versatile outfits for every occasion. 

To help you get inspired, I styled three looks that reflect both comfort and style. These outfits feature items from the Garnet Hill winter collection.


This first outfit is great for outdoor festivities like going to cut down the family Christmas tree.  

It features a beautiful cashmere cable sweater with intricate knit details around the crew neckline and sleeves. I love this sweater paired with a washed, button-down chambray shirt

I wore these pieces with ankle-length skinny jeans and Frye lace-up boots. It’s a classic look you can feel good in.


For the next look, I was immediately drawn to this camel-heather-colored oversized turtleneck. This sweater is so easy to throw on and go, yet it’s so stylish. It’s a great go-to look for running errands, school pick-ups, and even just being cozy at home decorating the tree. This design’s fitted sleeves and kangaroo pockets help give it a flattering shape, and it’s one of the most comfortable sweaters I’ve ever worn. When the weather gets colder, I can see myself wearing it all the time.

Every woman needs a good pair of leggings in her closet, and these Green Cotton Knit Leggings are amazing. They offer the ease and fit of leggings, but their quality makes them appropriate to wear anywhere. The high-performance fabric is soft 95% organic cotton with just enough spandex for comfortable stretch. 

To complete the look, I added a stitched cashmere hat with a faux-fur pompom, and matching gloves.  These accessories come in a variety of colors, and are soft and cozy for winter.  


I bet everyone’s calendar is already jam-packed with holiday parties. This bell-sleeve velvet dress is fun and flirty, making it a stunner for any event. It hits right above the knee, so you can pair it with heels (like I did here) or with knee-high black boots. This dress has just the right balance of modesty and flair, making it ideal for office parties and family gatherings.

Which look is your favorite look: The layered classic, the oversized look, or the party-ready dress

ORIGIN STORY: cashmere to covet


Garnet Hill cashmere is a miracle from Inner Mongolia, where the windswept landscape and temperature extremes have evolved purebred Kashmir goats with a loftier, softer fleece. 

The fibers are harvested once a year in the spring, typically combed by hand. 

This produces the highest-quality fibers, which are washed, carded, and spun into sumptuous two-ply yarns that are twisted to resist pilling without compromising strength.


Many designs are offered in Eco-Cashmere color options where the tones of the garments are the natural hue of the goat — white, beige, or brown. The fibers used for these shades are undyed and unbleached.

Regardless of the color and style, Garnet Hill cashmere is truly next-level luxe.

From sweaters to cozy throws, cashmere has become a staple in the Garnet Hill wardrobe and home. For more styles, shop our latest collection.

Styled by Lemon Stripes: 3 cashmere looks

Julia Dzafic runs the lifestyle blog, Lemon Stripes, from Westport, CT where she lives with her husband, Anel, their 2-year old daughter, Amalia, and their Pit-mix, Boots. She has been blogging for over 10 years and covers topics that range from style to motherhood, wellness to healthy-ish recipes, and decor to travel.

Sweater weather is finally here! I was excited to have the challenge of styling three cashmere sweaters for fall. I selected these styles from Garnet Hill’s gorgeous fall collection for this post. Though all three designs are gray, each has distinctive details that set it apart and make it special. 

When you want to look pulled together for mom duty or errand running, this is your outfit. A beautifully textured cashmere sweater paired with a luxurious camel wrap coat is the epitome of classic fall style.

I love the textural details on this turtleneck. I was immediately drawn to its coziness and softness. It’s the ultimate weekend sweater to immediately elevate my mom look.

This outfit is easy and breezy, but incredibly chic. Plus, it feels soft and comfy, like PJs, which is an added bonus. I’m a big fan of the mixed-media contrast of the flowy silk next to the buttery cashmere.

The boxy cut of this cropped sweater makes a bold statement. It’s loose and flowy in the middle and fitted in the sleeves, a beautiful balance of proportions, something that is hard to find done well. 

This outfit is fun and youthful yet pulled together and thoughtful. It screams casual Friday at the office or Sunday brunch with friends.

A classic, slim-fitting turtleneck in soft cashmere has been a staple in my winter wardrobe for decades. It goes with everything from skirts to jeans and faux-leather leggings. It even works with snow pants on the ski slopes.

Which cashmere sweater is your favorite? How would you style it with your wardrobe?

Fall footwear & fashions: picks from AVE Styles

About Alex Evjens
For fall, we partnered with Alex Evjens, from the AVE Styles blog, to create these fresh, seasonal looks.

Alex has been dubbed “Pinterest queen” by her peers, and deemed by Business Insider and
InStyle Magazine one of the Top Pinners to follow.

Fall is officially in the air, and with the turn of the leaves comes the turn of our wardrobes and shoe collections. There are a million and one boot and heel styles, potentially making the hunt for the right shoe can be overwhelming. 

Garnet Hill has curated a great selection of shoes for fall, and the perfect clothes to complement your footwear (or should it be the other way around?). I found that exploring the collection made my hunt for fall shoes very easy this year. 

Here are some of my picks:

Faux-Snakeskin Block Heels
These heels are versatile enough to be worn any time of year. The black and cream in the pattern make them easy to match, and faux snakeskin continues to be a big trend that I am delighted to sport. The block heel is not only a design detail that I love, and it also makes these shoes comfortable all day long.

I paired these shoes with a black EILEEN FISHER button-down t-shirt dress. It’s an easy, breezy outfit. I threw on a cashmere sweater over the dress to incorporate the tan. Black tights could be added to this outfit for the cooler temps ahead.

Leather Lace-Up Boots
These boots had me at first sight. The styling fondly brings me back to the ‘90s. You can pair these boots with jeans to create an easy, cozy fall outfit, but I loved the idea of wearing them with a long floral skirt. Sometimes matching casual pieces with dressier items can be a fun and quirky way to spice up your fall looks.

Some fall days can’t make up their mind as to what temperature they want to be. You can wear this outfit with a tank top, and throw a sweater over it for the cooler temps.

All in all, I’m ready for fall with these versatile boots and heels.

Late summer becomes early fall: 5 ways to transition your wardrobe and home

Organic cotton, cashmere, linen, TENCEL™ Lyocell… As we approach the crossroads of summer and fall, we prepare to transition our wardrobe and bedding for the shift in temperature. This time of year, we crave fabrics that still keep you cool, yet layer easily for added warmth. 

Here are highlights from our latest collection — versatile styles that help make the seasonal shift comfortable and effortless: 


The Poet Knit Dress
This dress layers beautifully from weekday to weekend, warm days to cool evenings. Shaped by its smocked waist and bishop sleeves, this easy design is styled to drape beautifully in soft, sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell

The Grayson Jersey-Knit Quilt
The collection also includes ways to dress the bed in soft knit. The Grayson Quilt is ruched for texture and crafted from the same comfy-as-a-favorite-T-shirt cotton jersey as our knit bedding.


Linen & Organic-Cotton Sweaters
This season, we blended linen with organic cotton to create comfortable, contemporary sweaters that you can wear now and into fall. Some highlights from this new collection: Sleeveless A-Line Turtleneck Sweater, Mitered Pointelle Cardigan, Boxy Texture-Stitch Pullover, and Crochet-Inset Crewneck Sweater.

Medallion Linen Quilt
Linen has become a popular bedding choice for any time of year. It possesses rich texture, and natural temperature-regulating properties to keep you cool in warm weather and cozy when layered with other bedding. For a fresh look, this linen quilt is adorned with oversized medallions. It pairs nicely with our top-selling relaxed-linen sheets


The Essential Cashmere Ruana
Sporty-chic in machine-washable Eco-Cashmere, this throw-on-and-go design melds the finest natural fibers from Mongolian goats with an athletic aesthetic. It’s great for an after-yoga get together or running errands. For additional sweater styles, shop our complete cashmere collection.  

Wool & Cashmere Throw
A touch of soft cashmere adds a luxurious feel to this best-selling throw. Offered in new solid hues and plaids, this throw is an ideal accent for the bed, and it makes a wonderful gift. Artfully finished with fringe at both ends, it’s so polished, you can wear it as a wrap.


Mixed-Lace Blouse
A little lace goes a long way. It’s the ultimate in tonal patterning, adding intricate design and texture to your look without adding more color. For dressier occasions, we love the detailing in the new Easy Lace Midi Skirt.

Crochet-Hem Relaxed-Linen Bedding
Interpreting this look for the bed is easy with the sophisticated eyelets on relaxed-linen sheets. Linen has become a year-round staple in our linen closets; we love how the trim on this bedding enhances this rustic bedding’s heirloom charm.


Essential Bell-Sleeve Tee
This striped top is elegantly draped in a soft blend of organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell with a touch of spandex. Fashioned with oversized flared sleeves, this tee offers an artful, directional approach to stripes, making it an elevated essential that spans the season.

Striped Linen Bedding
The Relaxed-Linen Bedding Collection also features timeless stripes. The various stripes, scales, and colors mix and match with the solid sheets and our latest small-scale floral linen designs to create interesting bedding ensembles again and again.

For more inspiration, explore our New Arrivals and our latest collections for home and women’s fashion.