Packing up for back-to-school season

It’s that bittersweet time of year: summer is almost over and back-to-school season has once again snuck up on us. But instead of lamenting the end of pool parties and barbeques, we at Garnet Hill choose to embrace the season of brand-new lunchboxes, fresh school supplies, and most importantly, stylish backpacks.

In celebration of a brand new school year, we asked a few of our favorite bloggers to share their kids’ reactions to our new backpack designs, along with a few tips to help prep for the season.

Garnet Hill Kids' Eco BackpacksGarnet Hill Kids' Eco Backpacks

“[Our daughter] plays with her new backpack every day and loves to play school at home. We love these bags because they are so durable. Izzy was rough on her backpack from last year, but is still in great shape,”

– Lauren, Heart of Deborah.

One of Lauren’s favorite school traditions? Stocking her kid’s backpacks up with their favorite reads.

Garnet Hill Kids' Eco BackpacksGarnet Hill Kids' Eco Backpacks

“I’m a person of organization, schedules and being a true introvert, having time to myself.  I absolutely love my kids and they are the best, but they are ready to be back in school,”

– Lulu, The Laurel Lane.

Her favorite characteristics about the backpacks? The matching insulated lunch bag, the security buckles across the front, and the multiple zippers to organize all the kids’ items and padded straps.

Garnet Hill Kids' Eco Backpacks

“My son is so hilarious with his backpack – it’s literally the same size as him but he is obsessed with it and wants to wear it all the time,”

– Melissa, Bubby and Bean.

Tell us: how are you preparing your kids for back-to-school?


Turning plastic bottles into backpacks: the NEW Eco Backpack Collection

The 2017 kids backpack collection is in!
And this year they’ve got a special, eco-friendly twist.

While still packed with the ergonomic features parents love (including curved straps, padded backs, and sized-to-fit proportions), the collection now uses recycled PET fabric — made from discarded plastic bottles and reclaimed poly.
Garnet Hill Eco-Friendly Kids' Backpack Collection

Did you know?

Americans use roughly 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour.
Only about 30% of plastic bottles are recycled.
It takes between 500 and 1000 years for plastic to break down in a landfill.
It’s predicted that by 2050, the plastics in the oceans will outweigh the fish.

Those statistics are disheartening to be sure, but there’s a lot that we can do. Like avoiding plastic packaging when possible and recycling plastic when we do use it.

We love that these packs give new life to reclaimed plastic, which helps to keep it out of our landfills and water supplies! They’re also made to last, so be sure to hand them down to siblings, cousins, and friends when you can.

To learn more about all of the smart features in our backpack collection, check out our kids’ collection.

For games, activities, and more kid-friendly info about recycling and protecting the environment, check out EekoWorld from PBS Kids, the EPA’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Resources, and the Recycle Roundup from National Geographic Kids


Recycle Across America
The Balance – An Overview of Plastic Recycling
World Economic Forum – The New Plastics Economy

You’re the editor: Preview the 2017 backpack collection!

Tell us what you think.

2017 Kids' Backpacks: Garnet Hill Kids' Backpack Survey
Take the Garnet Hill Kids' Backpack Survey
Although it’s not quite the end of the school year, we’re already busy preparing for next fall. The brand-new 2017 backpack collection has just been photographed and we couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek with you!

New for 2017:

Every backpack and lunch pack in the collection is now made with recycled PET fabric, created from plastic bottles and reclaimed polyester.

And, as always, each bag is ergonomically designed to give your child the best possible fit.

We’re thrilled with how they turned out and would really love to know which ones you’ll like the most. Would you share your thoughts with us? Fill out our quick backpack survey.

Thanks for your feedback, and be sure to mark your calendar for June 15 to be among the first to shop the collection when it premieres online.