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Top 5 sweater trends: a warmer winter by design

Cabled. Cropped. Sculpted sleeve. Textured. Draped. It’s the season of sweaters, and Garnet Hill brings them to you in alpaca, merino wool, Mongolian cashmere, and more. Here are five top […]

Chosen by parents, loved by kids: five-star fall shoes in three essential styles

Choosing kids’ shoes can be a tricky business. What parents love, kids may not, and what kids love today may soon fall out of favor. Something we’ve found helpful when […]

4 layering tips to transition from summer into fall

Can you feel that familiar bite in the air? Autumn is finally here and we are eagerly beginning to prep our wardrobes for the change in season. In other words, […]

6 criteria to help you find a great, signature accessory

Several years ago, as I flipped through the pages of a Garnet Hill catalog, I spotted a Chan Luu necklace and was instantly smitten with its dramatic length, colorful groupings […]

What to wear with ankle boots

Fall is calling… and our answer is a fabulous pair of ankle boots that you can wear with everything from dresses to denim. These are our top picks for what […]

Natural fibers, heritage quality: it’s fall at Garnet Hill

The new fall collections for women, kids, and home have arrived, the product of our journey through America, France, Italy, Peru, Spain, and beyond. We travel the world in pursuit […]

Natural Fibers 101

Once the mainstay of textile manufacturing, natural fibers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as many people choose to incorporate more sustainable and minimally processed materials in their everyday lives. […]

From workout to weekend: tips for styling athleisure

When the weekend comes around, the thought of “dressing up” can sound like more trouble than it’s worth. Whether you’re running to the grocery store, grabbing a late brunch with […]

The cashmere wrap: easy, elegant, essential every season

I recently headed out the door for a week-long family vacation, and the last thing I tossed into my carry-on was a Cashmere Wrap. Call it spontaneous or a bit […]

5 wardrobe essentials you can style for summer and layer for fall

Though we have plenty of warm-weather days ahead, it’s never too early to start thinking about fall. What pieces will you need to transition to fall and update your look? […]