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On building the EILEEN FISHER/Garnet Hill relationship

To celebrate our relationship with Eileen Fisher, we have gathered interviews from key members of the Eileen Fisher team. We’re kicking off the series with words from Terri Erdos MacDonald. […]

Interview with Surf Shack author Nina Freudenberger

We caught up with designer and SURF SHACK author Nina Freudenberger for a little Q&A session after a recent book signing at our Bridgehampton store. We were so impressed by […]

Meet a few Garnet Hill kids on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

We’re lucky to share parts of the workday with our children occasionally – and our coworkers’ children. On a snow day, or during that hour between school and afterschool practice, […]

A familiar face: Yara Shahidi — Actress, social activist, and former Garnet Hill Kids model

One of the exciting things about having a children’s clothing collection is working with young models as they’re just starting out and seeing what they do next. For some, like […]

The Artist’s Bed: Hable’s Inspiration for Spring Collection

Inspired by the beauty of nature and Susan Hable’s paintings, we have collaborated with Hable Construction® once again to launch a fresh, new collection of exclusive home designs. We caught […]

Holidays with the Hables

This season, we are taking the time to celebrate new and old traditions. One of our longest-running traditions is our holiday collaboration with Hable Construction® to design our festive felt […]

Where have I seen that Twilight Saga actress before?

Before winning the Best Young Performer Critic’s Choice Award for her role as Matthew McConaughey’s daughter in Interstellar… Before acting in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn… Before voicing a little […]

VIDEO: Beautiful, Naturally According to Jay Schadler

We sat down with local artist Jay Schadler to learn about the inspiration behind his artwork, and were pleased to learn that we’re cut from the same cloth. “I find […]

VIDEO: East Coast vs. West Coast Oysters

Matt Louis, Head Chef at Moxy Restaurant and Franklin Oyster House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, joined us for an evening of oyster tasting and local mingling at our mobile boutique […]

Former Fashion Journalist Kate Betts Shares her Paris Dreams

As Kate Betts would describe it, My Paris Dream is a “coming of age story for a Francophile and a fashionista.” We had a chance to sit down with her […]