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What is a coir doormat?

Coir? Quoi? Coir is fiber in the outer husk of a coconut. It’s naturally biodegradable, compostable, and mold- and mildew-resistant. If you like the look and sustainability of natural fibers, […]

Welcome to the 2018 Signature Swim Collection

Thinking about warmer weather? Beach season? Packing for a tropical destination? The new swim collection has arrived just in time. Elegantly coordinated for all-day versatility, our synchronized swimwear features swimsuits, […]

Embroidery: the social media that predates the computer

Embroidery is enjoying a rebirth, but this is not your grandmother’s needlecraft. A craft practiced around the world, from China to India, South America to the United States, embroidery is […]

Beach to bistro: 5 resort-ready styles

A dip in the surf, a walk on the beach to dinner and drinks in an open-air market just steps from the sand… From synchronized swimsuits to lightweight cover-ups, we’ve […]

Looks like now, made like then — the Dream Quilt

The Dream Quilt is an elevated essential in soft, billowy cotton. This bedding has hand-stitched quilting that creates a delightful rippled texture, making it an artistic study of texture and […]

The seasonless layered bed in 3 easy steps

Layering is key to creating a comfy bed that spans the seasons. We create beautiful, versatile bedding designed to mix, match, and customize your warmth. To show you how to […]

7 ways to instantly redefine your space — and your style

New year, new look! We are always seeking quick fixes that can easily transform a room and refresh your home. Here are seven tips to instantly elevate your style and […]

Winter adventures in Franconia Notch

What better way to greet the new year than from a mountaintop? In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where you’ll find our Franconia office and outlet store, January is […]

Bright ideas for snow-day play

Winter vacation is filled with of the promise of fun and relaxation. But for many parents a question looms: How do you keep everyone entertained during all that free time? […]

How to wrap a gift within a gift

If you’re a fan of beautiful, meaningful gifts, here’s a new idea born of a century-old tradition. The Japanese created a fabric-folding method called furoshiki. It involves wrapping gifts in […]