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What makes our cashmere so special…

We’re passionate about cashmere. It may be our favorite natural fiber. We believe in its exquisite softness, its versatile warmth, its ability to make the everyday luxurious. And in our […]

How to wash and care for your cashmere

Not only do we make beautiful cashmere, but we also love it and wear it all the time. As a result, we’ve become cashmere connoisseurs over many years of wear-testing […]

The art of cashmere: beautiful designs from luxurious fibers

Artisanship, thoughtful detailing, and a human touch are behind every piece of cashmere we create. It’s what elevates a sweater to instant favorite. Here are glimpses into our design and […]

Red, white, and blue(berries): a delicious cake recipe for celebrating the Fourth of July

We love warm weather, summer holidays, and time spent with family and friends. The Fourth of July offers all of those things. It’s one of those glorious moments to relax, […]

3 tips for wrapping beautiful gifts

‘Tis the season to effortlessly finish your gift shopping and get presents wrapped and under the tree so you can sit back, sip eggnog, and watch the snow gently fall. […]

Celebrating National Cookie Day: 3 Favorite Recipes from the Garnet Hill Team

National Cookie Day has arrived just in time to celebrate the season of holiday baking. At Garnet Hill, we’re lucky to work with several talented home bakers and to have […]

How to care for your cashmere

How to care for your cashmere remains one of our most frequently asked questions, so we had Karen, our Design Director for Apparel, share her tips. You would think the […]

3 tips to create a beautiful multipurpose bedroom

A bedroom that’s just for sleep? What a snooze! Our homes have shifted to become the hub for more aspects of our daily lives over the past year, including working […]

A series about creating, learning, and thriving today

Baking has become a popular pastime while we’re staying at home more. For many of us, family time often means cookie time. Here, Tiffany from our Creative team shares her […]

A series about creating, learning, and thriving today

Recalibrating the Radius Working from home was once considered a perk: dreamt of by many, practiced by few. Until, virtually overnight, it became reality for millions of us.  Which begs […]