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Six essentials for your summer camp packing list

If summer camp is in store for your child, your packing list is probably well underway. Wondering what you might be missing? We thought we’d share some of our favorite […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day and timeless style

We love the idea of multigenerational clothes – beautiful, timeless pieces that can be passed down from mother to daughter. To celebrate Mother’s Day, Brittany Bishop of Life of Charmings – […]

Q&A: How to care for your cashmere

You would think the most sought-after cashmere in the world would require a great deal of care, but what might seem an arduous task is in fact quite easy — […]

How to Occupy Your Kids on Rainy-ish Spring Days

It’s that time of year when we all get a little ahead of ourselves. We have a few days of spring sunshine and before you know it, the sandals and […]

What’s the difference between SPF and UPF?

It’s that time of year when “sunburn” replaces “frostbite” on the list of Top 10 Health Worries for Outdoor Adventurers. Sun protection is key, but with all the different labeling […]

What is a coir doormat?

Coir? Quoi? Coir is fiber in the outer husk of a coconut. It’s naturally biodegradable, compostable, and mold- and mildew-resistant. If you like the look and sustainability of natural fibers, […]

Welcome to the 2018 Signature Swim Collection

Thinking about warmer weather? Beach season? Packing for a tropical destination? The new swim collection has arrived just in time. Elegantly coordinated for all-day versatility, our synchronized swimwear features swimsuits, […]

Embroidery: the social media that predates the computer

Embroidery is enjoying a rebirth, but this is not your grandmother’s needlecraft. A craft practiced around the world, from China to India, South America to the United States, embroidery is […]

Beach to bistro: 5 resort-ready styles

A dip in the surf, a walk on the beach to dinner and drinks in an open-air market just steps from the sand… From synchronized swimsuits to lightweight cover-ups, we’ve […]

Looks like now, made like then™ — the Dream Quilt

The Dream Quilt is an elevated essential in soft, billowy cotton. This bedding has hand-stitched quilting that creates a delightful rippled texture, making it an artistic study of texture and […]