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A series about creating, learning, and thriving today

Sara, who works with our Quality Assurance team, shares a dreamy afternoon with her two children, Thora and Rowan. With the days getting a little cooler, it’s time to celebrate […]

Creating the mix-and-match linen bed with Carmeon Hamilton

Carmeon Hamilton, is a wife, mom, interior designer, and lifestyle blogger based in Memphis, TN. A stickler for the details, she’s sought after by residential and commercial clients alike, to […]

A series about creating, learning, and thriving today

Antiques and vintage pieces are great ways to add character to any space. When Allison’s not busy helping our Home team put together next season’s collection, you can likely find […]

The Garnet Hill quilt: color, comfort, and craftsmanship

If home is your haven and the bedroom your sanctuary, a Garnet Hill quilt is its centerpiece. An heirloom-quality creation of elevated fabric, color, and hand touches.  Here are the […]

We’re celebrating 50 years of Earth Day.

The earth is integral to our heritage at Garnet Hill, and we’re committed to helping preserve it for future generations. If environmental stewardship is your passion as well, let’s pursue […]

3 comfy linen beds, each in 3 easy steps

At times like this, you want your home to be as calming and restful as possible. Our Relaxed-Linen Bedding Collection can be part of that, as the name suggests. It’s […]

7 bedding layers that flex with the seasons

Warmth. Comfort. Versatility. As the seasons change, so does our approach to layering the bed. Warm days succumb to cool nights. On occasion, summer’s heat makes a brief comeback, but […]

A LINEN STORY: Garnet Hill sheets

Garnet Hill Linen Sheets are designed in America and woven in Portugal from pure flax grown in France. Beautiful in your home and better for the earth, Garnet Hill linen […]

How to organize a linen closet

To help organize your home, organize your linen closet. It’s an often-overlooked space that can be a valuable storage area.  We recommend reorganizing and editing linen closets at least annually, […]

What are pillow shams?

We’re often asked questions about pillow shams: What they are? How do you use them? How are they different from pillow covers? Since they’re such a popular topic, here are […]