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The Artist’s Bed: Hable’s Inspiration for Spring Collection

Inspired by the beauty of nature and Susan Hable’s paintings, we have collaborated with Hable Construction® once again to launch a fresh, new collection of exclusive home designs. We caught […]

Get Inspired with this Alpine-Chic Décor

Are we the only ones who associate the snowy season with hunkering down next to a crackling fireplace in a cozy mountain lodge? Whether it’s the prospect of daily skiing […]

Fall Photography in New Hampshire:

10 Spectacular Images Captured by Garnet Hill Employees This has been one of the most glorious foliage seasons we can recall in New England – a fiery palette for the […]

Discovering Forgotten Beaches of NYC

From an ecological exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, to an online journal of artistic responses to NYC’s waterways, to a personal journey exploring these “forgotten” places, Elizabeth Albert […]

VIDEO: Apartment Therapy Tips to Style Small Spaces

We partnered with Apartment Therapy to bring you stylish tips for even the tiniest of spaces. Cozy textures, natural materials and neutral colors keep our “tiny home” feeling luxurious. Want […]

Garnet Hill Cashmere: Not So Much a Fiber As a Feeling

There is a little-known group of rather brilliant artisans who hand-link the seams of premium cashmere sweaters. Their work finds its way into the collections of a handful of high-end […]

VIDEO: East Coast vs. West Coast Oysters

Matt Louis, Head Chef at Moxy Restaurant and Franklin Oyster House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, joined us for an evening of oyster tasting and local mingling at our mobile boutique […]

The Signature Summer Dress, By Day and By Night
– by Alex McLean, author of the Lex What Wear blog

Like many Garnet Hill pieces in my wardrobe, the Signature Summer Dress is suitable for a variety of occasions and any time of day. Depending upon your personal style, the […]

What do you call a group of…

What do you call a group of… A group of Kashmir goats is called a herd. A group of Garnet Hill cashmere sweaters is called a good start. A group […]

The Coverlet That Stole Jane’s Heart

The year was 1999. Jane was wistfully perusing a home magazine with her sisters when she found the Garnet Hill coverlet of her dreams. “I fell in love with the […]