September 2022

The art of cashmere: beautiful designs from luxurious fibers

Artisanship, thoughtful detailing, and a human touch are behind every piece of cashmere we create. It’s what elevates a sweater to instant favorite. Here are glimpses into our design and production processes that show you the thoughtfulness and responsible practices we put into our work.

We meld art and science with a human touch. 

The partners we work with employ skilled knitters, accomplished artisans at the top of their craft. They know how to bring each design to the next level, whether it’s by utilizing hand-knitted stitching techniques or mastering the latest in technological advances. The process from conceptual design to production is thoughtfully planned to bring you cashmere that’s beautiful and lasts.

Intricate knitting & stitching: it requires an artful eye.   

Once the panels are knit, our sweaters are linked by hand. This skill is handed down through generations. It makes every piece special. Our designers are dedicated to matching distinctive silhouettes with the right colors and pattens to offer you a wide array of options, helping build your cashmere wardrobe. From buttons at the neckline to patchwork designs to artfully placed novelty stitches that play with pattern and scale, every Garnet Hill sweater is thoughtfully designed and meticulously conceived.

Every piece of cashmere is a loving collaboration between designer and artisan.

The artisans at the facility and Garnet Hill’s design team have a strong working relationship. The artisans are inspired by our designers’ ideas and see their vision through to the end. In turn, our designers admire the level of passion and craftsmanship the artisans put into every style. This collaboration is unique and makes our exclusive cashmere the most desirable in its class.

For more information about this consciously cozy fiber, read more about how we responsibly source our cashmere, why you should choose Garnet Hill cashmere, and how to wash and care for it. To find our latest cashmere styles, shop our latest collections of women’s clothing and bedding and home decor.

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