September 2022

How to wash and care for your cashmere

Not only do we make beautiful cashmere, but we also love it and wear it all the time. As a result, we’ve become cashmere connoisseurs over many years of wear-testing and washing this naturally luxurious fiber. We’re frequently asked how to care for it, so we asked our expert design team to put together a list of their top recommendations.

Surprisingly, caring for cashmere, is easier than you may think, and it doesn’t require a trip to the dry cleaners. In fact, we find that dry cleaning tends to leave the fibers brittle and less lofty. Handwashing, using simple items from your home, is our preferred method to ensure your sweaters will remain soft and last a long time.

How to wash your cashmere

1. Check the label.

Before you get started, always check the garment’s care label for suggested instructions that are specific to that cashmere style.

2. Soak.

Hand-dip in cold water using a mild detergent preferably one made for wool.

3. Gently wash by hand.

To avoid damaging the fibers, go easy and avoid rubbing and wringing the cashmere as you wash it.

4. Rinse.

Gently squeeze to remove excess water. Again, do not wring the cashmere.

5. Lay flat on a towel.

When drying cashmere, lay it out flat on a towel to prevent misshaping. Do not twist or wring it before laying it out.

6. Roll it up inside the towel.

This process removes excess water. Due to its loftiness, cashmere naturally pills. Rubbing or wringing cashmere with other garments will accelerate and amplify pilling.

7. Un-roll and lay flat to dry again.

Once the excess water has been removed, lay the cashmere out again and let it air-dry flat. Keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.

How to remove pills from your cashmere

When fibers loosen from natural wear, they tend to form little balls or pills. Pilling also happens from friction caused by seatbelts or bag straps rubbing against the fibers. Cashmere is easy to care for using a sweater stone made from pumice or a sweater comb — but you’ll want to keep the sweater flat and use a light, careful touch.

Our new sweater comb has a refined metal-mesh screen, designed for fine gauge and thicker knitted styles, to lift the pills and leave sweater surfaces smooth. To use, simply glide the sweater comb gently in one direction over the pilled areas. For best results, discard the fuzz trapped in the screens as needed.

How to store your cashmere

  • Air out your cashmere at least 24 hours after wearing before you store it or wear it again.
  • Fold and store on a dedicated shelf next to a glass of water to maintain humidity. Remember, hanging may cause stretching.
  • Wash cashmere and make sure it is completely dry before you put it away for the season. Residue from body oils and grooming products will attract moths over time.
  • A clean canvas container with a zip closure is best for seasonal storage. Canvas is breathable yet offers a barrier to keep out moths. Avoid plastic bins and cardboard boxes because they could discolor or break down cashmere fibers.

Cedar balls or shavings add a nice scent, but avoid placing them in direct contact with garments. Cedar spray is a nice alternative.  Do not use mothballs.

For more information about this soft, luxurious fiber, read more about how we responsibly source our cashmere, artfully bring our designs to life, and why you should choose Garnet Hill cashmere. To find our latest cashmere styles, shop our latest collections of women’s clothing and bedding and home decor.

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