July 2022

Behind the Design: The artistry & intricate handwork of our Scalloped Trapunto Quilt

There’s artistry and intricate handwork in every stitch of our latest quilt design. We melded time-honored techniques, meticulous handcraftsmanship, and modern color to create the Scalloped Trapunto Quilt. Here we take you behind the design to show you what goes into making this soft, textural bedding and what makes it so special.

Soft. Elegant. Textural. Inspired. What is trapunto? 

“Trapunto” means “to quilt” in Italian. It’s an artistic technique where batting is added for an enhanced three-dimensional “stuffed” effect within its stitchwork. This creates a soft, poufy decorative pattern, rich with sophisticated texture, depth, and dimension. The technique uses at least two layers of fabric. The underside is slit and padded in specific areas defined by the stitching, giving them a distinctive, raised look. This quilting technique has been used for centuries, so it’s timelessly traditional, yet it’s finding its way into modern quilt design.

What makes our Scalloped Trapunto Quilt so special? 

Each quilt is made by skilled artisans and requires extensive attention to detail and craftsmanship. The pattern is created from hand-drawn original art. Every Scalloped Trapunto Quilt is unique, owing to the hand-guided work of the artisan. Blending time-honored technique with high-quality materials, each of these quilts is a piece of art, destined to be an heirloom on beds for generations to come. Offered in contemporary shades of soft ocean blue, warm ivory, and bold ochre, our Trapunto design pays tribute to the past while embracing modern design trends.

Steps in making our Scalloped Trapunto Quilt:

1. The artist draws the design for the quilt and creates a pattern, which is transferred onto the fabric.

2. Following the pattern, a skilled artisan meticulously hand-guides the layered fabric through the sewing machine to start creating texture.

3. The design is then detailed by hand. Each circle is cut and puffed up to further its depth and dimension.

4. Short stitches are then added to keep the fill in place and create more contrast. This is called “vermicelli quilting,” based on the pattern it forms.

5. After each piece is quilted, the artisan cuts and shapes the scalloped edge by hand.

6. Once the scallops are complete, the artisan finishes the edges with binding.

The final quilt is a well-choreographed dance of sophisticated color, pattern, and texture — an heirloom-quality piece that will add artistry and flair to any bed for years to come.

Coordinate your look by mixing and matching our Scalloped Trapunto Quilt and Sham with your favorite sheets, blankets, and throws. For more beautifully crafted artisan-made quilts, shop our latest collection.

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