June 2022

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Creating original prints with hand-carved stamps

From leafy botanicals to contemporary geometrics, this season’s collection of prints features exclusive designs inspired by nature and crafted using our own twist on traditional block printing.

The Garnet Hill Design Team created five exclusive prints, using artwork made with hand-carved rubber stamps. The care and craftsmanship put into each print give the garments beautiful detailing that celebrates the imperfections of nature, nuances of handwork, and timeless textures of natural fibers.

Here’s how we did it:

Hand-carved, hand-arranged, handpicked!

First, our design team hand-carved a series of rubber stamps to create exactly what they had envisioned. The stamps artfully recreate botanical and geometric motifs.

The process of putting ink to paper

Next, using paper to express their creative vision, our designers played with stamps and inks to compose patterns. Hand-stamping the paper, they explored arrangements and repetitions to further hone their ideas.

Infinite possibilities within each stamp

Each stamp was arranged several ways to make multiple patterns, and the design team reviewed its pile of patterns to determine which would best translate to the garments and silhouettes planned for this season’s collection.

Creatively curated to bring you the best

By the time they had finished, they had 20+ distinctive designs. In the end, they carefully curated and narrowed the selection down to five favorites. These designs were artfully scaled and colored to best suit the fabrics and proportions of the pieces they were selected to adorn.

The end results: timeless pieces with sophisticated prints that represent the beauty of carved handwork and celebrate the artful imperfections of nature and natural fibers.

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