April 2022

Tips for living more sustainably

As we celebrate Earth Day, we’re reflecting on easy ways we can all do more to live sustainably. Back in 1976, Garnet Hill’s founders were on a mission to bring responsibly sourced natural fibers to the world — and today, we continue their legacy of aspiring to live a sustainable life.

Whether you are just beginning your journey toward sustainability or already consider yourself a veteran, we hope you find these tips easy, helpful, and inspiring.

Things you can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Organic-cotton fibers

When selecting bedding, choose layers made from organic cotton. It’s farmed without harmful pesticides, GMOs, or chemical defoliants, and it’s breathable and soft.

Catch a breeze

By hanging sheets outside on the clothesline, you’ll save energy, and the breeze will make your bedding fresh and crisp.

Enjoy the journey

Skip the car and ride your bike whenever you can. It’s a great way to save energy, and it’s also great exercise!

Woven with care

Use these storage baskets handwoven by Senegalese women. Not only will you be supporting skilled artisans and their communities, but because the baskets are made from sustainable cattail stalks and strips of upcycled plastic, you’ll also be keeping plastic out of landfills, which is always a plus.

Connect and green up

Volunteer to help with neighborhood cleanups. They’re also great opportunities to make friends and build your community.

Better, longer-lasting pieces

Choose timeless designs that never go out of style, in the finest fabrics — cashmere, linen, and organic cotton — for your wardrobe and bedding. These pieces will last a long time — and longevity is the ultimate testament to sustainable living.

To learn more about natural fibers, like linen and organic cotton, visit our guide to natural fibers and browse our latest collections for home and women’s clothing.

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