April 2022

BEHIND THE DESIGN: a botanical garden blooms on relaxed linen

Inspired by vintage textbooks and scientific diagrams, this linen bedding is printed with detailed line drawings of flora and fauna. From bees and birds to mushrooms and shells, the artwork incorporates both Latin and common names scripted by hand to give the design a look reminiscent of a classic field guide.

Discover how scientific detail and natural beauty converged to create this original print for our Botanical Garden Relaxed-Linen Bedding and Shower Curtain.

The inspiration for our botanical garden

This print was inspired by botanical studies and nature drawings. All the selected motifs are varieties of plants and animals found in the USA. The original artwork for each motif was hand-painted by Jane Mosse, a textile designer based in the UK.

“I enjoy working on floral- and wildlife-inspired designs.
This one was special as we used both Latin and common names
in the print to give the art a vintage vibe.”

— Jane Mosse, Artist

Highlighting a few of your favorite things

Jane’s illustrative style and artistic eye interpret the natural elements in a fresh, elevated artisan way. The print combines many customer-favorite woodland themes, like trees, birds, dragonflies, and ferns — and merges them with popular coastal motifs, like seashells, coral, and even turtles. The beautiful, eclectic mix gives the design an unexpected look that’s both sophisticated and whimsical.

Artfully printed on soft, airy linen

Our designers carefully paired the artwork with a fabric. The breezy, casual feel of our Relaxed-Linen Bedding was a natural match. Our responsibly sourced linen is crafted in Portugal from premium certified EUROPEAN FLAX®. It’s garment-washed, giving it exquisite softness, beautiful drape, and nuanced color that works beautifully with the print. We digitally printed Botanical Garden to replicate the detail and brushstrokes of the hand-painted original art on a warm ivory-colored ground.

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