January 2022

Color trend: at first blush

What color trend inspires a rosy outlook for the season? Shades of blush from light to dark, of course! We love the way these happy, healthy hues bring a calming vibe to any wardrobe or home — and you’ll see these meditative rose tones blooming across our current collection.

In the pink at home

Rosy tones naturally reflect well-being and self-care. (Just think of the blush on your cheeks after a good workout.) Around the house, these cheerful hues can easily add warmth and interest without overwhelming a space.

Here are three ways to make your home blush:

  1. Pair an allover rose-toned printed quilt with patterned sheets for a pretty and peaceful bed. Tip: mix the scale of prints for added interest.
  2. Or, layer a rosy blanket over darker, clay-hued sheets for a striking yet soothing look.
  3. Incorporate shades of blush into your shower curtain, towels, or bath mat to create a serene spa feel in your bathroom.

Pretty in pink clothes

Pink is feminine and inspires feelings of tranquility. As a new neutral, this wardrobe essential looks great solo or mixed with complementary colors.

Here are three ways to make your wardrobe blush:

  1. Infuse calm into your warm-ups and cooldowns with a sporty, pink-hued tunic.
  2. Fully embrace the color with a one-piece jumpsuit.
  3. Add blush tones to closet staples like everyday tees.

To see more colors and inspirational designs for your wardrobe and home, explore our current collection.

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