January 2022

BEHIND THE DESIGN: The Floral Kantha Quilt

Traditional kantha quilts, crafted by hand, are heirloom pieces that are handed down from generation to generation. Making these quilts is a labor of love for the artisans.

At Garnet Hill, we believe in providing quality in every stitch. We re-created the look and feel of authentic kantha design in our new Floral Patchwork Kantha Quilt.

Here is a glimpse behind the design of these unique, distinctive pieces:  

“Kantha” defined

“Kantha” means “patched cloth,” referring to the technique of piecing this unique, traditional bedding from patches of leftover fabric. The patches are stitched together with thick thread and densely quilted for added dimension.

Origins of the artistry

The history of kantha quilts can be traced to Bangladesh and the greater Bengali region, where the embroidery techniques have been handed down for over 500 years. 

Quilted by hand

Each artisan stitches with a different tension and a unique hand, giving every quilt a special, one-of-a-kind look. Our inspired design, like most quilts in our collection, is quilted by hand. Here the handwork recreates the look and feel of authentic kantha styling.

Next-level stitching

Kantha stitching gives extra dimension to the quilting and lends each piece an inherently unique, handcrafted touch. Our Kantha Floral Patchwork Quilt is stitched with channels using the traditional, thicker kantha thread. The gaps and waviness of the lines echo its handcrafted nature and tell the stories of the people behind the needle and thread.

Artful prints and colors

Another distinctive element in the making of kantha quilts is the selection of colors and prints. Our Kantha quilt uses oversized patches of retro floral prints, recolored in cheerful, warm hues to mimic the sun-washed look of heirloom kantha designs.

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