October 2021

Holiday decorating ideas:
4 festive bedrooms that get you into the spirit

It’s time to make the bedroom cozy and festive for the season. While you’re adding warm layers, it’s also a great idea to spread extra cheer with holiday bedding. Here are our easy decorating ideas to create 4 festive holiday bedrooms for a joyous season.

1. Traditional with a Twist

Shades of red pop against a snowy white ground. This cheerful color combo is the foundation for a fresh and contemporary holiday bedroom.

2. Whimsical Winter Wonderland

The best way to create whimsy in a room is to mix bright colors and playful patterns.

  • First, pull your color palette from a favorite quilt. Just change the sheets and you have a whole new look.
  • Next, mix in an unexpected print to capture the merry mood. Here we chose lively mushrooms.
  • Decorate the space with playful touches, like jolly gnomes and a bright rug.

3. The Seasonal Sophisticate

Warm neutrals and deeper shades of red offer a restful alternative to brighter holiday color schemes.

  • Lush botanicals, like this cardinal print on relaxed linen, give the room a refined yet cheerful vibe.
  • Give the space a sense of calm by keeping the whites creamy and soothing.
  • To echo the floral on the bed, decorate the room with natural elements like a preserved wreath, dried flowers, and a jute rug.

4. Cozy & Tranquil Haven

For this restful look, focus on soft neutrals and cool blues for a peaceful bed that celebrates the arrival of winter.

  • Layer flannel and other cozy fibers to create a cocoon that will keep you snug all winter long.
  • Mix soft blues, pale greens, and silvery hues with ivory for a look that’s quiet and elegant.
  • Create ambience with candlelight.

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