July 2021

3 tips to create a beautiful multipurpose bedroom

A bedroom that’s just for sleep? What a snooze! Our homes have shifted to become the hub for more aspects of our daily lives over the past year, including working from home. During the day, your bedroom might transform into a yoga studio, office, reading nook, and lounge space — of course, it’s also an ideal place for a midafternoon nap.

Here’s a trio of tips on how to create the ultimate multipurpose bedroom that’s as versatile and accommodating as it is beautiful and restful.

1. Add handcrafted, adaptable pieces.

An embellished leather pouf and a hardwood accent table perform many roles in a space, like a unique side table, modern dressing bench, and distinctive spot to display candles, photos, or plants — just be sure to top the pouf with a tray for stability. A pouf is also a comfy seat when putting on sneakers or heels, and it moves easily out of the way when more space is needed (hello, Downward Dog).

2. Strike a balance between work time and downtime.

A well-crafted, minimal desk and chair work together to create a bedroom-friendly office zone. Top the desk with the bare necessities — like a sophisticated lamp — to maintain a calm, clutter-free vibe. Any extra accessories should live easily in both a bedroom and an office, such as a stack of favorite books and easy-care greenery in attractive planters.

3. Make the bed jealous with a comfy upholstered chair.

Create an R&R nook with a cozy chair that’s hand-upholstered in soft fabric and designed with rolled arms for maximum pampering. Include a soft throw and pillow to create a cocoon of comfort, and finish the vignette with a woven storage basket on one side (to store magazines or knitting supplies). Add a charming stool on the other to place a cup of tea or a nightcap.

Despite its important daytime duties, your bedroom’s main function is to support restorative sleep. To that end, make the bed a slumber-ready sanctuary with an artful-yet-durable bed frame, just-right pillows, quality bedding, and stylish supporting players like an end-of-bed bench. After a good night’s rest, you’ll be as ready as your bedroom to face the responsibilities of the day.

What are your tips and go-to pieces to make a space more comfortable and versatile? For more inspiration, explore our latest home collection.

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