June 2021

5 tips for styling a summer bed with pattern

We asked Erin Wheeler of Sunny Circle Studio how to create a unique and inspiring bedscape that showcases printed bedding as the star. Erin is a stylist, designer, amateur photographer, mom, and home decor enthusiast. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC with her devoted husband, amazing kids, and rascal pup Buster Bear. Here are her easy top-five tips for styling a summer bed with pattern:  

1. Start by selecting a color.

Color is where I always start in a design project. It sets the overall tone for the space and is a driving influence for the room design. Since this is a place of rest, you don’t want to get too crazy with the bold colors — but if bright color is what you love, go for it! For me, I like to start with a neutral background and add color to the space with the bedding, other soft furnishings, and the decorative accents. I personally love soothing shades, particularly monochromatic tones that I can layer for a cozy, relaxed vibe. 

2. Layer patterns within the room.

Experiment by mixing patterns, but also don’t forget to match and coordinate colors and design elements. Be playful, yet exercise restraint for a sophisticated well-layered look. Incorporate a solid color that’s pulled from the patterns to further balance and unify the design. This helps prevent the space from feeling too cluttered. 

3. Florals give the space a pleasant vibe.

Adding a botanical print (or two) is a great way to add life and brighten up any room. Choose an elegant scrolling plant motif, or better yet, flowers! Florals are such a great way to bring a natural, welcoming vibe to your home — and they’re ideal for guests coming to stay this summer.

4. Texture is your friend. 

Whether it’s in millwork, textiles, or furniture, texture is an important design element to add depth and dimension to a room. It adds warmth, comfort, and visual interest with its subtle patterning. It’s one of those details that makes a room sing. My design trick for creating a sophisticated yet restful space is to stick to two or three distinctive textures in a given room design. Anything more and you risk the look becoming too busy.

5. Always go for comfort!

Indulge in beautiful, high-quality linens that are responsibly sourced and will stand the test of time. This is your sanctuary, so it should be luxurious and comfortable, a place that you never want to leave!

What tips do you find most useful when mixing and matching patterns and bedding? What are your favorite Garnet Hill prints this season? Thanks so much for reading, y’all. Enjoy your summer!

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