May 2021

A stroll down the garden path:
an interview with designer Susan Hable

Sisters Susan and Katharine Hable founded their NYC-based textile design company Hable Construction® in 1999. We’ve been partnering with Hable for decades, merging our complementary design aesthetics to bring you bold, exclusive pieces. We recently sat down with Susan to talk about her inspiration and the design process for the season.   

GH: What do you love about working with Garnet Hill? 

Susan: I’ve loved working with Garnet Hill for 20 years! My favorite thing about the Garnet Hill team is their quest to bring the best quality and design to their customers and loyal fans. They truly think through every detail to enhance customers’ lifestyles and meet their every need — I love bringing joy to their customers, too. 

GH: What does your design process look like? 

Photo by Rinne Allen

Susan: Our collaborative design process is very imaginative and organic. First, we create a set of boards with images of the places and items that inspire us, the things we dream about. We ask ourselves how we see the product fitting in there. After that, there’s a mix of collaboration and honing ideas to create a single aspirational environment to use as the backdrop for our collection. We work this out for several weeks with many different ideas and thoughts. I like to paint the designs true-to-scale so we can see how they’ll look and feel within the theme and work in the creative space. We’re able to send this artwork to the factories for them to use as a guide to create the products. It’s wonderful to see the layers get created for the season that we are working on!

Photo by Rinne Allen

GH: What inspired the new spring/summer collection?

Photo by Rinne Allen

Susan: The story for this collection was inspired by a stroll in my garden. There’s so much happening in the garden as the seasons shift. I was inspired by my observations and was able to tap into that while the design story and collection came together. There’s nothing like a sultry Southern stroll in a lush garden. It’s been my inspiration for the last few years as my summer-cottage garden has matured and evolved from season to season and year to year. It’s such a cheerful time to garden, and we can all use the lightness, color, and freshness for a nice lift. 

GH: What is your favorite piece from the collection? 

Susan: I have such a special place in my heart for the garden-path rug. Beyond my passion for gardening as expressed above, I painted the pattern for this rug and cut and placed the flowers by hand from gouache artwork that I painted last summer while spending time with my family in Texas. I envisioned that path and the flowers that lined the way — and I hope you can, too! 

I also love the small-scale patterns we designed for the sheets and bedding collection. I love to mix and match my Garnet Hill sheets and pillowcases to create a fun and whimsical bed. When it comes to everyday essentials and setting a daily routine, like making the bed, I try not to take life too seriously.

What are your favorite Hable designs in our collection? How do you style Hable pieces in your home? For more inspiration, explore our latest home collection.

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