March 2021

Garnet Hill collaborates with Good360 to drive over $250K in COVID relief

Garnet Hill has partnered with Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving. Good360 works with retailers, manufacturers, and brands to distribute highly needed donated goods to its diverse vetted network of more than 90,000 nonprofit partners that serve people in need. 

“At Garnet Hill, we feel that integrity never goes out of style,” said Wendy Thayer, Brand Marketing Manager. “We believe in making every detail count, whether it impacts product, people, or our values. People are at the heart of our brand and our philanthropic approach.”

These steadfast brand values have served us well as we continue to navigate through the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. Since the start of the public health crisis, Garnet Hill has taken a proactive approach to serving customers and employees, while emphasizing transparency. We’ve been upfront about shipping delays, given employees equipment with which to work from home, and published helpful content for customers on social media.

“When COVID hit, we knew we needed to help,” Thayer said.

In an innovative twist, the partnership with Good360 created a customer-facing campaign that supports our organization’s COVID-19 relief efforts. For every set of cotton face masks sold on the Garnet Hill website, we donated $10 to Good360. In turn, each set enables Good360 to distribute at least $100 in products by leveraging our network of corporate donors.

“With the help of value-driven, socially responsible companies like Garnet Hill, Good360 has been able to meet the moment COVID presented,” said Matt Connelly, CEO of Good360. “Last year, we distributed more than $250 million in products for COVID relief alone. Because of Garnet Hill’s generous approach to giving, the $250,000 in needed goods they’ve already enabled us to distribute is just the beginning. For those receiving needed goods as a result of the program, the impact is nothing short of transformational. Put simply, Garnet Hill helps Good360 and our nonprofit partners provide hope in the midst of hardship.”

Thanks in part to Garnet Hill’s contributions, Good360 nonprofit-member Peaces of Kindness “is helping keep residents and their children safer and healthier by distributing PPE, hand sanitizer, and goggles to 7,500 community members in Austell, Georgia,” reports Peaces of Kindness Director Lukis Newborn. “It will allow families to remain safer during the pandemic. It empowers our residents to be safer when they grocery shop or have to work to provide for their families. The best part is that we offer it all free of charge, thus allowing them to keep their family funds to further enrich their lives while helping mitigate the pandemic in our local area!”

New mask designs can be purchased now. With every set of masks sold until October 2021, Garnet Hill will donate $10 to Good360 in support of COVID-19 relief efforts. If you are interested in contributing to our relief efforts, please visit our Giving page.

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