December 2020

VIDEO: how to put on a duvet cover

Whitney Leigh Morris is a small-space lifestyle consultant based in Venice, California. She’s a firm believer that you don’t need to “live large” to live beautifully. Morris uses her social-media channels to share tips and ideas for living comfortably and contentedly within a smaller footprint. Morris also shares her expertise via a diverse array of news and editorial outlets, speaking engagements, video content, and her book: Small Space Style: Because You Don’t Need to Live Large to Live Beautifully.

Putting on a duvet cover can be a bit of a tedious task — so much so, I’ve actually avoided it for nearly a decade. Recently, I caved. From season to season, the nights in our tiny 100-year-old tiny live/work cottage near the Pacific Ocean can get chilly. They had me missing the loft and warmth of a fluffy duvet and a duvet cover allows you to switch up your look every now and again.

I have no regrets about welcoming a comforter/duvet and duvet cover back into our home. Thanks to a fresh approach with a few easy steps, putting the cover on is no longer a thorn in my side. And with a new baby on the way, I’m looking to keep my routines quick and simple.

We have an organic-cotton duvet insert from Garnet Hill, which we dress with a timeless Relaxed-Linen Duvet Cover that complements nearly any style of sheets or blankets we put beneath it. 


  1. Start by placing the duvet cover on the bed.
  2. Next, turn the duvet cover inside out.
  3. Align top two corners of cover and insert.
  4. Grab cover and insert by top corners, holding them together.
  5. Partially flip the duvet cover right side out.
  6. Then, secure corners of insert to cover using ties. Garnet Hill duvet covers have ties in all four corners to keep the insert in place and help keep it evenly distributed.
  7. Shake so the cover evenly covers insert.
  8. Tie the bottom two corners together.
  9. Lastly, fasten the buttons on the closure to neatly conceal the comforter/duvet insert inside.

The insert stays put within its cover, and the bed looks clean and simple — something I appreciate in our compact bedroom setting. 


My husband and I tidy our bed together every morning. Not only is it a simple way to split household tasks, but it’s an opportunity to talk and connect with one another, while prepping our small home/office for the busy day ahead. It’s a great way to make the most of each moment, and it helps balance the needs of a small business, two beagles, a preschooler, and the occasional pregnancy nap.

Garnet Hill duvet covers are offered in so many colors, prints, and fabrics — and there are so many options for down and down-alternativecomforters and duvet inserts. You can create a beautiful bed that is both comfortable and stylish. For all the options, explore the latest Garnet Hill home collection.

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