November 2020

Our team’s tips for an easy, elegant harvest table

From our homes to yours:
the Garnet Hill team shares tips on how to create a warm and inviting table setting. 


Harvest table by Jae, Creative Design Manager, and Jason, Web Designer

We like to keep things simple. Set the table and then take something off. Here, we used an array of gourds and squash from our local farm. They’re so beautiful, you don’t need anything more to make it festive.

Since we’re working from home, our dining table also doubles as a work desk. So this holiday season, we’re going to sit on the floor using Garnet Hill pillows, around our low table. It pays homage to the tables found in many Asian households. Plus, we have radiant floor heating, so it will be nice and cozy.

The table we’re using is rather small, so we’re putting decorative pumpkins and the larger serving dishes on the side board. It’s important to plan and get creative with your space; not everything has to be on the table.


Harvest table by Shawn, Home Copywriter

It’s fun to get creative with the tablescape. I like to layer my Relaxed-Linen Napkins with a contrast print. Here, Washed Indigo is mixed with Oatmeal Bengal Stripes. I snaked the runner down the center to show more of the table’s natural woodgrain.

Cloth napkins are all we use these days. We have multiple sets of these Relaxed-Linen ones. Some sets are for everyday use and washed frequently. Others we keep pristine for holidays and special occasions. If you have oversized napkin rings, you can nestle the flatware inside the napkins.

Celebrate the season by adding a little harvest color with the linens, or keep the runner, napkins, and tableware neutral and decorate with gourds, pears, and foliage from the garden in warm autumn hues.


Harvest table by Zora, Photo Studio Manager

There’s nothing like a versatile set of dishes. These Sintra Stoneware pieces have casual handcrafted shapes, but you can dress them up or down with your flatware, linens, and serving pieces.

Some artfully arranged fruit, simple candlelight, and warm neutral linens and serving pieces make an ideal backdrop for good food and conversation, a place where people will want to gather, linger, and remember.

I like to arrange the table to guide the eye. It should make you happy when you look at it with interesting shapes, textures, and colors balanced throughout. Every table should be a feast for the eyes!


Harvest table by Allison, Home Merchant

Typically, I would drive to a florist or grocery store to create a centerpiece with flowers and greenery, but this year I plan to stay home and work with what I have. I took a walk around our yard and collected Japanese maple tree branches. The deep red from the leaves complements the auburn colorway of the table linens.

I wanted my table decor to focus on the handmade beauty of our Sintra ceramic pieces. Mixing the Sand and White colors adds interest, while keeping the palette neutral. The soft curves and artistic lines of these ceramics against a more rustic surface like my antique dining table creates an appealing balance.

Create ambiance with candlelight. With the days getting shorter, I am finding that the right lighting in my home is incredibly important. Since my table is small, I used a single taper candle in an antique holder to create a soft, warm glow.

How are you dressing your harvest table this year? For more inspiration, explore our latest collection of tabletop, table linens, and home decor.

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