October 2020

FALL-ing for flannel: tips for creating a cozy bed

Catherine and Bryan Williamson are the wife-and-husband design team behind Beginning in the Middle. They have a passion for interior design, renovation, and old homes. Since they updated their first home, they’ve designed and renovated more than a dozen properties in the Columbus, Ohio area; became Airbnb hosts; started an interior design studio; and have taken the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. We’re happy to have them show us how to style a cozy bed, using our flannel

Bryan and I love being cozy. We have a good 5–6 months of cold weather in Ohio, so we’ve been accumulating a nice stash of fuzzy throws, plush pillows, and warm bedding that we love. As the nights get cooler, we’ve been itching to add some new cozy pieces to our collection. We’re excited to show you what our bed looks like now and share tips on how to create one for yourself.


All-white bedding is our go-to 99% of the time, but there’s one exception: flannel bedding in the fall and winter seasons. There’s something fun about plaids and holiday prints that add much-needed brightness, warmth, and nostalgia during the cooler months. That said, we don’t go too crazy with color, because a bedroom should promote rest, comfort, and relaxation. We chose a creamy-colored duvet cover with small red berries that pop, but don’t take over the bed.


Flannel bedding instantly makes a bed feel cozier, but it can sometimes feel too hot. I love that Garnet Hill flannel is 100% cotton, so it’s breathable and has that crisp heirloom feel. It’s brushed multiple times on both sides for softness, and is free of harmful substances that can be found in other bedding materials. We chose neutral stripes for our sheet set to tie in with the pattern on the flannel duvet (also 100% cotton). We love how it feels at night!


We like to have a variety of layering pieces on our bed that we can pull on or remove easily as needed. The base layer for our bed is the striped flannel sheet set. On top of that is a fuzzy reversible blanket that’s almost heavy enough to keep us warm all night, but not quite.  I love that this blanket has two sides (one is soft and fuzzy, and the other feels like a down comforter). At the end of the bed, we keep our duvet folded in half so that we can easily pull it over us at night if we want more warmth. Last, a crinkled cotton coverlet sits on top of the duvet and adds another texture to the mix.


I love that Garnet Hill allows you to choose sheets, pillowcases, and duvets à la carte.  It makes it easy to mix and match bedding to create a more curated, customized look. When coordinating patterns, having a focused color scheme is important. It creates consistency that helps the different elements feel like they belong together. Everything from sheets and blankets to the duvet cover and pillows should work together and have balance throughout the look.What pieces will you be incorporating into your bed to make it cozier for the season? For more flannel options, cozy layering pieces, and bedding essentials, visit Garnet Hill’s latest home collection.

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