March 2020

Styled by House Seven design + build: how to create the modern farmhouse look for your bed

Anissa Zajac is an interior designer and the CEO of House Seven design + build, which she owns with her husband Brian. Anissa’s unique approach to design embodies her love of antiques with modern furnishings. We invited her to create a modern farmhouse bed with items from our latest collection.

I describe my style as vintage modern. I love mixing both to create a home that is cozy and gives my clients that modern-farmhouse feeling of refined comfort. When it comes to styling a bed, I always layer my patterns and fabrics.

Layers can take a space from boring to unique and interesting very quickly! I combined Linnea Floral Linen with Solid Relaxed Linen and a Dream Quilt for my bed, and I absolutely love how it turned out.

I was immediately drawn to Garnet Hill’s Linnea Floral collection because of its soft hues and beautiful floral pattern, reminiscent of watercolor on canvas. The soft grey and white tones are the perfect complement to our otherwise neutral bedroom.

One of the things I pride myself on is how comfortable our home is. That means I take my bed-making very seriously. There’s a formula I stick to, and today I’m going to share with you exactly what you need to make your own perfect bed.

The Foundation

Always start with the perfect feather bed topper for the mattress. It’s what I think takes the bed to the next level of comfort, and I love the way the extra layer makes the bed look so cozy and full. Adding in a super fluffy comforter and the perfect pillows is next. Look for one that has a lot of volume – so inviting, you just want to fall into it.

I chose the Garnet Hill Channeled White Goose Down Comforter because I hate it when all the feathers clump together inside of a comforter. This one has vertical channeled rows with ring stitching to prevent that very thing from happening, which makes me very happy!


I chose the Primaloft Comfort Side Sleeper Pillow because we’re both side sleepers but also because it has two-inch gusseted side panels to support your head, neck and shoulders for proper alignment. I’ve struggled with neck pain in the past, so I need proper alignment! I also really love how fluffy they are, and that they stand up on their own, which makes styling the bed even better.


Now let’s talk sheets and all the other pretty things. I love a neutral bed and I also love texture and pattern. When I discovered Linnea linen from Garnet Hill I knew I wanted to add it to my bedding collection. I’ve always gravitated toward the relaxed feel of linen, and I will always love its perfectly imperfect appearance.

I like mixing up my bedding. I love layering different textures and patterns. So this time around I added the Linnea fitted sheet, two Linnea linen pillowcases, two linen white pillowcases and then layered a white linen sheet. I never want a pattern to feel overwhelming, so I broke it up by using the solid flat sheet that I fold over the comforter.

Quilts and throws

And lastly, I always, always, add a quilt or throw to the end of all my beds. It’s practical and adds another layer to the bed (my feet are always cold when I get into bed at night!), completing the perfectly made bed.

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