December 2019

3,000 people in their pajamas can’t be wrong

“This is my third pair…”

“I’m on my 4th or 5th pair”

“I have seven pairs of these PJs in various styles.”

“I must have every version…”

Garnet Hill Asian Wrap Pajamas are so restful, sheep count them to fall asleep.

OK, that’s not true. 

But this is: they’ve been anointed with more than 3,000 customer ratings, averaging nearly 5 stars out of 5. The collection also includes a Kimono, Gown, and Cropped Pajamas

Why are they made with organic cotton?

Can’t promise you’ll dream in green, but you may sleep better knowing that organic cotton is grown in fields certified as not treated with inorganic chemicals or pesticides for at least three years. It reduces the environmental footprint, requiring far less irrigation and helping preserve the soil.  

Why Garnet Hill?

We’re still known by some long-time customers as The Original Natural Fibers Catalog. What we sell you is also guaranteed for good, so no there’s need to lose any sleep over that. Should you choose to exchange something, we’ll even pay the return postage. 

Ready to give someone a special gift, or sleep under the 5-stars yourself? Slip into a set of Asian Wrap Organic-Cotton pajamas. Or two. Or three. Or seven. 

Then tell us all about your dreams.  

2 responses to “3,000 people in their pajamas can’t be wrong”

  1. Mary Ellen Sullivan says:

    Love your pajamas but can only afford them on sale. Thought I’d splurge for my daughter’s birthday last week though only to find that two pairs for her plus shipping brought it so far over budget, I could only order one pair. It kind of ticked me off to find a 25%-off coupon, plus free shipping in my mailbox when it was too late. Just venting!

  2. Emma Whitcomb says:

    Hi Mary Ellen, thank you for your feedback! Our sales are always changing so be sure to stay on the lookout for them in your email!

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