December 2019

Celebrating with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® on Giving Tuesday

Last winter, we invited children to share their creativity and to design their very own version of our popular kids’ slipper boots. The two winning slippers (of more than 800 entries!) were then produced to be donated to patients of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. 

Recently, we received the finished slippers and celebrated with patients and families at the “Dream Big” event, where more than 400 pairs were donated – plus 86 pairs of slippers for older children, courtesy of Minnetonka. 

At the event, we were delighted to share in the joy as patients and their families enjoyed an afternoon of crafts, treats, and more fun activities.

We’re proud to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and their lifesaving mission Finding cures. Saving children.® On this Giving Tuesday, we invite you join us. Learn how you can help.     

3 responses to “Celebrating with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® on Giving Tuesday”

  1. sandra morel says:

    I am at lost for words right now b/c I love children and it breaks my heart so much to know what these beautiful boys and girls are enduring and if not for St. Jude’s Hospital carrying on a legacy of Danny Thomas, by his Daughter, forgive me please as I have TBI and am at a lost for her name at this moment and have always known it – but back to what I was going to say – I want to Thank GOD first for laying it on Danny and Daughter’s hearts to help these lovely children to go on with prayerfully a happy, healthy life ! I will soon make an order to help donate what I am able as I am unable to work due to brain and spinal damage but I can do something and I certainly will ..I also want to comment Garnett Hill for their generosity and love shown to these wonderful children and teens ! I know how much this must mean to them and how the parents must feel as they see the smiles across their lovely children’s faces and all b/c Garnett Hill teamed up with St. jude’s Research Hospital for Children . We could all do some type of something to carry on such traditions for the children, doctors, nurses, aids, housekeepers, and on and on … all involved in saving these amazing children’s lives . Also, being there for the parents and if not for the donations, their parents may not be able to actually stay with the children and that would be so heart breaking for both the children and the parents ! GOD Please heal these beautiful souls for as we know there are no more pure souls than that of a child and most definitelyof one in thier positions b/c they tend to embrace every moment of joy from the moment they awaken till the time they close their little eyes and go to You dear LORD to dream sweet dreams of their lives . i know what those slippers must mean to them b/c these children are so grateful for all things and are so joyous … please let us all give all that we possibly can to bring those sweet smiles of joy b/c we all have some type of gift in us that we could give to them, even if it simply a hug and a huge smile . Thanking You in Jesus’ name. Amen. The best of all to Garnett Hill and the children for their wonderful creations which has now given each of them a brand new pair of what they put their little hearts and souls into with so much more than just the slippers given, also the love and the heartfelt caring they so carefully put into their ALL beautiful creations ! Again, Garnett Hill, I commend you on your amazingly loving dedication to St. Jude’s Research Hospital . GOD BLESS ALL and to a Wonderful Year of Miracles for 2020 and forward ! I only wish I could be in a place in which I could help in whatever the next eneavor is going to be ! HAPPY CREATIONS for GARNETT HILL and CHILDREN OF ST.JUDE RESEARCH HOSPITAL !
    Love and GOD’S Speed to All,
    Miss Sandra

  2. sandra morel says:

    Forgive me please for I was so excited that I completely left out the name of this amazing project which is ” GIVING TUESDAY ” … Again, I apologize as this is so important to know ! GOD BLESS ALL .

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