November 2019

Holiday decorating tips from Cynthia Harper Living

Cynthia Harper welcomes people into her space through her social media, website, and blog Cynthia Harper Living. She’s a young mom and a big dreamer, passionate about loving her family, creating stylish rooms, and encouraging people to pursue the things that make them feel alive. We partnered with Cynthia to bring you a few festive decorating tips for the holidays.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — and I’m excited to decorate for the holidays this year! Personally, I love to savor these moments by decorating one room at a time. Armed with a few new, festive pieces from Garnet Hill and some favorites of my own, I had everything I needed to get the living room looking holiday-ready in no time.

The first festive touches of the holiday season:

First things first, I love to start the season by decorating my mantel. This is absolutely one of my favorite parts of the holidays since my family spends so much time in this room. Because we are indoors more this season due to the inevitably cooler winter weather, I strive to create a living space that brings us comfort and joy. I want to create a space where we can get cozy and make memories that will linger for years.

One thing I do every year is incorporate cedar greenery into my home. The combination of its lovely aroma and rich green tones create a wonderfully festive atmosphere. Garnet Hill has beautiful 4-foot-long preserved Cedar & Pinecone Garlands as well as Cedar & Pinecone Wreaths that add a nice touch of greenery to your home this holiday season.

I’ve found that one of the most effective decorating techniques for making a statement is to group similar items together. This year, I decided to incorporate a little forest of bottle-brush Christmas trees for the holidays. I got these Natural Sisal Bottle-Brush Trees in both green and white, and then added Felted Wool Holiday Trees into the mix. I love the contrast and variety. Not to mention, I’ve never seen felted wool holiday trees like this anywhere else before. I was immediately drawn to their texture and softness. Now I’ve got my own little forest of trees to enjoy tucked in amongst my garland.

Spreading a little magic and joy this time of year:

One of my goals this year is to infuse more whimsy into our home for the season. As my kids grow, I realize more and more how crucial it is to make the holidays a magical time for them, before they’re too old and too cool to be interested anymore. The moment I laid eyes on this set of Felt Holiday Gnomes with their colorful hats (available exclusively at Garnet Hill), I knew that they had to be part of our Christmas decor. I’m so glad I found them, because my daughter will not put them down. Too cute, and worth every penny for the memories that she’ll have with them.  

The former teacher in me can never resist an opportunity to squeeze in a learning experience during the holidays, so I incorporated these wooden “Chatterblocks” letter blocks into the room. My kids have fun leaving holiday related messages, while also brushing up on their spelling skills. Even better, these blocks are handmade in Vermont from solid wood, so they’ll last for years, becoming part of our holiday traditions.

Adding sophistication with heirloom-quality pieces:

While there are some holiday items that come and go with the trends, I like to invest in heirloom-quality pieces from time to time. My husband studied wood-working in college and has an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, so I decided to add these Farmhouse Pottery Turned-Wood Candlesticks to our decor this year. They’re hand-turned in Pennsylvania and finished in Vermont—both of these states have a special place in Mr. Harper’s heart. And the best part is that they’re design is versatile for use all year long. I adore classic pieces like this.

I am grateful for these festive Garnet Hill additions to our home. They’ll help us enhance the comfort and wonder of our home this Christmas. And may each of YOU create a home this holiday season that sparks joy, and keeps you twirling all season long, like my little girl here in what may be my favorite photo of the year!

This post was sponsored by Garnet Hill, but all product selections and opinions are 100% my own.

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