October 2019

ORIGIN STORY: cashmere to covet


Garnet Hill cashmere is a miracle from Inner Mongolia, where the windswept landscape and temperature extremes have evolved purebred Kashmir goats with a loftier, softer fleece. 

The fibers are harvested once a year in the spring, typically combed by hand. 

This produces the highest-quality fibers, which are washed, carded, and spun into sumptuous two-ply yarns that are twisted to resist pilling without compromising strength.


Many designs are offered in Eco-Cashmere color options where the tones of the garments are the natural hue of the goat — white, beige, or brown. The fibers used for these shades are undyed and unbleached.

Regardless of the color and style, Garnet Hill cashmere is truly next-level luxe.

From sweaters to cozy throws, cashmere has become a staple in the Garnet Hill wardrobe and home. For more styles, shop our latest collection.

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