September 2019

A season of change: how In Honor of Design preps the guest bedroom

Anna Liesemeyer is the voice behind In Honor of Design, a blog where she and her husband share highlights from their first-time home renovation process and raising their pack of five (soon to be six) children. Anna and her family currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

We have several changes happening in our lives this season — a new baby being one of them! As we began to prepare for the change of seasons, literally and figuratively, I realized we needed to shift some rooms around. One of our bedrooms will now be used as a nursery, and it will also need to serve double duty as a guestroom when family visits. 

As I looked for bedding to comfort guests, I wanted versatile options in a soothing palette that would transition between warmer and cooler seasons.

A few qualities I look for when choosing bedding and sheets:


Wrinkle-Resistant Sateen is an easy-care option that doesn’t sacrifice that satiny feel. I love how soft these Supima Cotton Sheets are. Sateen is woven to give it a subtle yet distinctive lustrous sheen that resembles satin.


Based on the quality of the fibers and the weave, higher thread counts tend to give you a more luxurious feel. Garnet Hill does not double up on its fibers, so these 400 thread count sheets deliver the exquisite feel—and they do it without the super-high price tag. This bedding is so incredibly soft, it makes you want to dive right into it!


Whenever the seasons change, I want to rotate bedding fabrics and weights, but it is wonderful when you find a set that works for all temperatures and all times of year. 

As the room came together, I went with Wrinkle-Resistant Solid Sateen Bedding, which has all of the above qualities. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, and I know this bedding will last several years. I love the Alabaster color for its calm and peaceful tone. I built off of that color, adding Solid Wash Linen Bedding, the Gauzy Striped Blanket, and the Dream Quilt for texture and coziness. 

We have family coming to stay with us this fall, so I put together a little welcome basket to make them feel at home. Hopefully it contributes to the restful atmosphere, and gives the room a bed-and-breakfast vibe, despite the noisiness that’s natural in a busy house full of children.

I’m looking forward to putting this room to good use. 

What are your favorite design elements to weave into your home to warm up a space and prepare for the changing seasons?

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