August 2019

Master Bedroom Makeover with Mary Spears of Millay Studio

(Photography by Joe St. Pierre)

By Mary Spears of Millay Studio

After moving from city to city over the years, my husband Will and I finally landed in Boston ready to plant roots and build a real home for ourselves. A big priority for me was to get our bedroom set up to be a calm, relaxing space where we could truly rest and feel recharged…and I can confidently say with the help of key furniture and textiles pieces, that mission has been accomplished!

Four Ways I Transformed Our Bedroom

1.  Luxurious, breathable, low-maintenance bedding

The most important part of creating a tranquil bedroom meant to offer rest and relaxation was clearly the bed, and if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that proper bedding can make a huge difference. Not only in the look of your sleeping space but in the actual ability of one to get a good night’s sleep!

Visually, I wanted to keep things calm and serene, so I focused on varying the hues and textures of our selections to add interest and coziness. As far as performance, I prioritized only natural fibers for our bedding, which meant linens, organic cotton, and silks.

Warning: once you switch to linen sheets, it gets much harder to sleep on anything else. It’s breathable, soft, and easy to clean. And it’s turned our pup General Gazpacho into a bedding snob…he only wants Eileen Fisher. We’ve created an adorable monster! ;)

2.  Small space solutions

 Typical of city apartments, our bedroom has a pretty small footprint—11’ x 11’. That means that every single item we used needed to be deliberate in its function, and to offer storage. That is why we love these nightstands: they have a classic Parson silhouette, provide open storage while allowing things to still feel airy rather than heavy and bulky, and feature a generous storage drawer.

The woven lidded baskets further provide places for us to stash away chargers, cords, and other knick-knacks.

3.  Ambient lighting

We truly couldn’t love these alabaster lamps more – they cast the perfect soft glow to read in bed with, and due to the natural stone, there are subtle differences in the veining of this pair while it still coordinates.

4.  Multi-Purpose Seating: Pouf

The natural leather coloration on this leather pouf is perfection, and this unassuming addition to our bedroom serves a variety of purposes for us. Visually, it offers a layer of height differentiation within the space, making the room feel more nuanced and finished. We use it as a place to sit and put on shoes when getting ready in the mornings. We grab it as extra seating in our living room when having friends and their kiddos over.

And our pup Gazpacho uses it as a step to get on and off the bed.

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