August 2019

Timeless, versatile, durable designs with Tiny Canal Cottage

We’re striving to live an eco-friendly existence. Recently, we asked Whitney Morris from The Tiny Canal Cottage to provide her tips and picks for a greener home, wardrobe, and lifestyle.

My family’s path to a greener existence began when we moved into our tiny home eight years ago. Small-space living is inherently more environmentally friendly, but, looking back, we certainly amassed a regrettable amount of unnecessary stuff in the years that followed. It wasn’t until after our son was born that we became far more aware of our environmental footprint. Since then, our family goal has been to create as-low-waste-as-possible as we live and work in our family home in Los Angeles.

We still have much to learn and accomplish, but we have shifted our habits enough to see and enjoy an discernible daily change. 

Across all categories, we’ve realized the importance of versatility when it comes to the items we acquire. Whether it’s new or vintage, for the house or for our wardrobe, we understand the value of having pieces that are timeless in style, versatile in function, and durable in construction.

Adaptable goods save us money and space, while lessening waste. When considering new purchases, we ask ourselves questions like these:

  • Can that new bistro table we’re considering for the garden be easily carried and fit inside the house or on the porch so we don’t need multiples? Yes!
  • Can we adapt our existing glassware with a few add-on accessories to make it suitable for our young son so he doesn’t need his own set of cups? Yes! 
  • Can these bath towels also be used at the beach and even as curtains and tablecloths? Yes!

No one in our family regularly gets new articles of clothing — even our young son, who is growing quickly as children his age do. As a family, we share a single compact closet, which is also where we keep West’s collection of board and picture books, as well as our bedding. While the space is not overstuffed, there’s admittedly very little room to spare. When we add something to the closet, we give TWO pieces away to family members, friends, or non-profits. Everything that earns a place in our wardrobe must be an item that can work year-round, and be easily dressed up or down. 

This month, I got a few items from Garnet Hill: 

Each piece is made with TENCEL™ Lyocell and/or organic cotton.

I recently discovered that TENCEL™ Lyocell doesn’t attract or hold nearly as much pet hair as some fabrics, and yet it’s still breathable, flexible, and absorbent. Our family has two rescue beagles in our tiny home, so this trait is hugely helpful. A strong, easy-care fabric, TENCEL™ Lyocell is made of natural cellulose derived from sustainably harvested wood pulp from renewable tree farms. This modern and eco-friendly fabric is buttery-soft, smooth, and elegant. It pairs well with other fabrics, like organic cotton. 

Garnet Hill’s organic cotton is made with fibers farmed without harmful pesticides, GMOs, or chemical defoliants, which is not only better for your skin, but better for the land where the cotton is grown.

During transitions between seasons, I usually layer my outfits with linen — one of the oldest and strongest natural fibers. Woven from sustainable flax, it’s breathable, has natural antibacterial properties, is comfortable in fluctuating temperatures, has excellent color fastness, and in my opinion, gets more beautiful over time. 

These pieces have worked well for my lifestyle. Whether I’m biking through our errands, reading with West at the library, playing with the pups in the garden, visiting clients, or attending events, I’ve appreciated the comfort and versatility of them all. I plan to wear them year-round, and for years to come.

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