August 2019

A LINEN STORY: Garnet Hill sheets

Garnet Hill Linen Sheets are designed in America and woven in Portugal from pure flax grown in France.

Beautiful in your home and better for the earth, Garnet Hill linen sheets are created from extra-long fibers of fast-growing French flax. The coastal climate and well-drained soil of the Normandy region where our flax is sustainably farmed yield what many consider the very finest fiber of its kind. 

Our exclusive spinning method creates a softer linen. Proprietary garment washing softens hues, giving them nuance. 

Unlike most, Garnet Hill linen sheets are still woven in Portugal, where the tradition is centuries long, the standards unusually high. 

Cotton fans are converting more of their closet and bedroom collections to linen for a few reasons… 

The hand… 

Linen is breezier and cooler to the touch than cotton in warm weather. (Cleopatra liked linen, given the Egyptian climate. She’d love this linen.)

The eco credentials…

Flax needs as much as 60% less water to grow. It’s less susceptible to disease and pests, thus requires fewer chemicals and pesticides. And linen lasts longer than cotton. Longevity is perhaps the best form of sustainability. 

The versatility…

Linen layers year-round on the bed. The hollow fibers are naturally temperature regulating, to help you sleep cool in summer and warm in winter. 

No Garnet Hill fabric says Beautiful, Naturally quite like our linen.

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