July 2019

Back to school with Living Life’s Moments

For a little back-to-school inspiration, we partnered with Living Life’s Moments. We love how this blog captures the beauty found in life’s simple pleasures and everyday moments. Here’s how one blogger and her family approach the new school year:

Three words that leave my heart feeling both heavy and filled with joy: 

Back. To. School

Yes, it’s already that time of year. It’s a time when every student and parent embraces what’s left of summer while longing to start crossing things off the seemingly endless list of back-to-school needs.

For me, this time of year brings nostalgia with it. Growing up, I loved getting new supplies for school. From picking out my backpack and lunch box, to all the new clothes, shoes, notebooks, pens, and more, I always found school shopping fun and something to look forward to each summer. 

Though prepping for the new school year would remind me that summer’s winding down, there’s something exciting about the fresh start on the horizon. It always brought me happiness. 

Now, with three little ones of my own, I get to relive and build fond back-to-school memories with them. 

This year, all three children will be heading off to school. This means we must create and plan for three lists with three distinct sets of needs, while coming up with and managing a comprehensive family school budget. It’s a mindful process that takes a bit of strategy.

In recent years, I’ve been more methodical in our back-to-school shopping. I try to stick to the children’s lists and not buy just because it’s a good deal. In fact, by paying closer attention to the quality, details, fabrics, and how things are manufactured, I’ve noticed that we’re getting more wear from the items we purchase.

Approaching school shopping this way does pose some challenges. Especially now that my two eldest daughters have developed stronger opinions about what they wear. It’s become a game of compromise, balancing needs with wants, and keeping the peace, all while staying true to the plan and making smart purchases.

I love how Garnet Hill Kids offers the best of all these worlds. Not only are Garnet Hill styles thoughtfully designed (offering smart features and quality craftsmanship, like their collection of ergonomic backpacks), they also keep Mother Nature in mind by using recycled and sustainable materials wherever they can. 

The collection offers a wide variety of unique designs in bright colors and artful patterns. The assortment makes school shopping easy for mom, yet celebrates the playful spirit of being a kid. 

The clothing and accessories are also fun to wear. As much as I’d prefer to pick out my girls’ outfits every day, I’ve learned that it’s better to leave that job to them. It promotes creativity and self-expression while empowering them to make their own choices and learn responsibility. 

At the end of the day, I want to them to feel good in what their wearing, and Garnet Hill delivers.

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