May 2019

A few simple tips to make sure your entryway is ready to welcome guests this summer

Is your entryway guest-ready? Our friend Annie Diamond, the voice behind the blog Most Lovely Things, stopped by recently to share her favorite tips for updating the outdoor space around a home.

Spring and summer are a good time to freshen up the porch or front stoop. No matter how small or large your outdoor entry space, there are a few things that should not be overlooked if you want it to shine. Garnet Hill has everything you need, from door mats, rugs, and of course, a beautiful outdoor wreath to freshen your space for summer.

First, do a visual inspection to identify any needed repairs.

Start by walking up your front steps or walkway and taking note of anything in disrepair. Stand outside your door and pause for a few minutes, just as a guest would after ringing the bell.

What are you noticing? These are the same things your guests will notice. Is the paint chipping on the threshold, lights, or mailbox? Are the planters looking sad after winter, ready for a refresh? Has the doormat been worn down by winter boots?

Everything needs a good scrub after winter.

Once spring is here and the weeks of heavy pollen have passed, we power wash the porch and clean everything from mailbox to lights. We keep the glass door clean, even if that means washing it almost daily.

We plant containers for summer, and add a few small houseplants such as ferns or succulents in the seating area. We’ll bring out our Richland Glass Hurricanes for ambiance when entertaining on the porch in the evening.

Start with a new doormat, and layer in a rug.

A new doormat layered over an indoor/outdoor rug creates a welcoming statement at the front door. Garnet Hill has many styles and colors. I stay pretty neutral with shades of black, gray, white and cream, but if it’s color you seek, Garnet Hill has many to choose from.

I love the layered look. It makes a statement without crowding your space. The extra layer adds color and texture.

Add a preserved summer wreath.

Garnet Hill has beautiful preserved summer wreaths like the 30” lavender design. It works beautifully in this space, and inspired us to fill planters with English lavender.

Another option could have been the fern wreath, with Boston ferns in the planters.

Outdoor rugs make a space feel more like a room.

We also added a Garnet Hill outdoor rug to the seating area on the porch. If you have the space, an outdoor rug makes the porch furniture feel anchored and cozy, as an outdoor room should.

Choose a Kilim rug for a traditional look that could easily blend with bohemian décor, or a more modern geometric rug. We chose the Birmingham stripe in black and ivory and love the way it looks on the black stained porch.

Garnet Hill’s outdoor rugs are easily maintained with mild detergent and a good rinse with the hose. They last for years…just like everything you purchase from Garnet Hill.

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