April 2019

VIDEO: Relaxed-Linen Bedding for spring and beyond

Made from sustainable French flax that’s woven in Portugal, our Relaxed-Linen Bedding is naturally temperature regulating. It’s soft and versatile for all-season comfort: cool in warm weather and ideal for layering when it gets chilly.


  • Our Relaxed Linen Bedding is offered in a palette of beautiful solid colors: warm and cool hues from quiet neutrals to a rich pop of jewel-tone ochre.
  • Yarn-dyed stripes and painterly floral offer patterned options to mix in and style the bed.
  • Pillowcases, shams, and pillow covers make these sheets easy to decorate with to further customize your bedscape.


  • Soft and rustic, linen bedding is naturally temperature regulating to keep you cool.
  • Plus, it layers beautifully with other fabrics and textures when you need more warmth, making it an essential that’s comfortable any time of year.
  • It’s breathable, making it ideal for sleepers that tend to get too warm at night.


The flax for our linen sheets is picked in French fields, renewable plant fibers that are beautiful in the sun and better for the earth.

For other fabrics and additional linen styles, explore our latest bedding collection, and visit The Linen Shop for linen essentials for your wardrobe.

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