March 2019

What is sateen? What is percale?

We’re often asked, What’s sateen? What’s percale? What’s the difference?

  • At Garnet Hill, both are 100% cotton, and both are soft to the touch.
  • Both sheet fabrics are offered in prints and solids, and we recommend both as options for everything from master bedrooms to kids’ rooms and guest rooms.
  • The main difference between sateen fabric and percale fabric is the way in which the cotton is woven.

The weaving process gives each fabric subtle details and differences in texture and appearance. Sateen sheets look more lustrous, with just a bit of shine to the finish. Percale sheets are especially crisp and cool.

What is sateen? What is percale? Difference between sateen and percale weave.

We carefully pair our patterns and colors to the weave that best showcases them. We also look at the bedding collection as a whole to maximize mix-and-match potential, so that you get the most out of your sheets and sheet sets.

What are sateen sheets?

Sateen bedding is woven to create a silky hand and a subtly lustrous finish. Whether it’s washed for softness, wrinkle resistant, or adorned with an original print, these cotton sheets tend to have a higher thread count than percale.

What makes our cotton sateen superior?
We use the finest long-staple cotton, and much thought goes into the soothing color palettes and prints we offer in this fabrication. Its subtle luster and silken hand make it an ideal choice for a more refined space, such as a master suite or luxurious guest accommodations.

What are percale sheets?

Classic cotton percale is crafted using a smooth plain weave. It offers a cool, crisp finish that’s ideal for people who tend to get too warm when they sleep. This bedding is comfy any time of year, but especially in warmer weather, and it layers beautifully with blanketscoverlets, and quilts when temperatures dip. In general, quality percale sheets have 200+ threads per square inch.

What makes our cotton percale superior?
Again, we use the finest long-staple cotton for our percale sheets. Our percale bedding tends to have 200–300 threads per inch, and offers a crisp yet soft hand. Modern with an heirloom look and feel, these sheets are reminiscent of the way bed linens used to be made. Percale also takes color well, making it the ideal background for our most vibrant original prints.

What are the best sheets for summer and warm weather? What is the best type of cotton sheet to keep you cool?
There’s something refreshing about crawling into a bed of cool and crisp percale sheets, so we would have to say percale bedding is a top choice, but a silky-smooth set of cotton sateen sheets is the next best thing in cotton sheeting. Since both are 100% cotton (at Garnet Hill, anyway), they’re both are breathable and have cooling properties. Some people just prefer the satiny touch of sateen to the classic crispness of percale.

Linen is also a strong option for summer sleeping. Crafted from sustainable flax, linen has evolved to become a year-round choice; it’s breathable and cooling in warm weather and naturally insulating layer when the weather turns cold. Our Relaxed Linen Bedding and EILEEN FISHER Washed Linen Bedding have become some of our top sellers.What’s your favorite fabric to sleep on? Is it percale, sateen, or something else? Shop them all in our latest home collection.

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