March 2019

Trend to watch: woodblock-inspired prints

Woodblock prints are popping up everywhere. Skirts to scarves, maxi dresses to pants, styles with a woodblock look are a top trend.

Woodblock printing on textiles dates back to at least 200 AD, the era of the oldest surviving examples found in China. It’s an art form many cultures in Europe, Asia and elsewhere have explored and refined in their own ways over the centuries.

Today’s woodblock-inspired garments and home textiles are usually created with modern printing methods, but the original art form is a very detailed and painstaking process.

Traditionally, to create a woodblock for printing, the design is carved into the block in a relief-style pattern. This means that the white space of the image is carved away, and the area to be inked is left behind. The image on the block is carved in reverse (much like that of an ink stamp) so that when it’s pressed to the textile it creates the desired look. For multiple colors, a different block is used for each hue.  

Although it may be a less manual process today, the result can still be every bit as beautiful. Take a peek at some of the latest woodblock-inspired prints in our current bedding collection.

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