January 2019

Garnet Hill on location in Sicily: highlights of the early ’19 women’s collection

Legend has it that Daedalus stayed in the village of Noto after his flight over the Ionian Sea, and Hercules stayed here after his seventh task (which incidentally was not to clean out the basement).

We were in Noto and Ortigia to photograph elements of our early 2019 ready-to-wear collection. While some photo shoots do feel Herculean in effort, well, all things in perspective.

Following a catastrophic earthquake in 1693, several towns across southeastern Sicily, including Noto, were rebuilt, reflecting and preserving eighteenth-century Baroque architecture in limestone. In 2002 Noto was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our Tie-Sleeve Cashmere is made from the fine, downy undercoat of Kashmir goats. We create long-term relationships with the herdsmen who raise these goats on multi-generational family farms in Inner Mongolia, where changeable weather has evolved goats with longer, loftier, softer fibers. Clipped but once a year in spring, these purebreds are treated like pets, and are never crossbred for higher yields. Additionally, we use only Oeko-Tex®-certified eco-friendly dyes.

The Knit Maxi Dress is one of several Maxi Dresses we’re offering this season. Elegantly reductive in silhouette, they’re made in fabrics that are lightweight, breezy…easy.

The Embroidered Blouson Sleeve Blouse you see in the video joins a decidedly Bohemian collection of embroidered tops for spring and summer. Wear one over your favorite jeans, add a pair of sandals, and your outfit will convey the insouciance of a lazy vacation day in summer.

We found Noto and Ortigia to be a refreshing respite from the larger, busier cities of Italy. All the history you could want, all the gelato, not all the tourists.

Look for this photography in our 2019 catalogs and online.

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