December 2018

Elevate your gift wrapping with natural materials

Shimmery wrapping paper, colorful ribbon, clusters of red berries… nothing evokes instant holiday cheer quite like a beautifully-wrapped gift. However, after the hustle of holiday shopping and finally figuring out the perfect gifts for every family member, getting creative with gift wrapping is usually at the bottom of the list. For inspiration on how to wrap this year’s presents, we decided to turn to nature to discover new elements that are sure to make our gifts stand out among the rest.

When it comes to glamming up gift wrapping with greenery, it doesn’t take much to have a big effect. Below are a few ideas on how-to “spruce” up your gift wrapping this holiday season.

1. Create your own malachite gift tags

We’ve never quite grown out of loving arts-and-crafts time, so naturally we welcome any excuse to DIY. Get your kids involved by having them help swirl dark green and white clay together to create a marbled accessory that will look great with gifts. Click here for all the steps on creating these in your home.

Pictures and post by Domestikated Life

2. Add some pops of greenery

Grab your garden clippers and put on some comfy clothes – we’re going straight to the source! Clip a few pieces of greenery and flowers from your garden to beautifully dress up your gifts and make yourself look like a holiday professional to your friends.

Pictures by Sugar & Cloth

3. Go big… or go small!

You don’t necessarily need to have bundles of flowers to make a statement with your gifts. You can use as much or as little as you’d like when it comes to natural gift wrap. Sometimes a sheet of recyclable brown paper or shoebox with a ribbon and a few sprigs of winterberry is more than enough.

Pictures originally posted in Editor at Large and Heart of Deborah

Feeling inspired by these ideas? Tell us in the comments below all about your tips and tricks for sustainable gift wrapping.

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